The first book of the ‘Daughters of the Elements’ series.
Water Girl
“Keziah! Wake up!” Jolting awake, I rolled over, and opened my eyes lazily. Mom stuck her head through the open doorway. “Get up! You’re going to be late to Academy!” Oh yeah... I forgot about Academy.
“Okay...” I answered, relaxing into my mattress.
“Keziah?” she asked in a warning tone.
“I’m getting up.” I replied, propping myself up with my elbows to demonstrate. She walked out, but not before she gave a disapproving glance to my room, which was a MESS. Sighing, I lay back down for a few seconds, desperately wanting to stay in bed. I finally sat up, and stepped out of bed. I walked over to the mirror. My blue eyes looked foggy, and my unnaturally blue hair was a disaster. I dyed my hair blue, only because it was my favorite color. I’m regretting it now because I want my blonde hair back. I sighed at my thin legs and long arms.
“Keziah?! Are you ready to go!?” Mom yelled from downstairs. Snapping back to the real world I answered,
“Uhh... Yeah! I’ll be down in a sec!” I lied. Dashing to my closet, I snatched a pair of skinny jeans and tugged them on. Grabbing a plain grey t-shirt, I thrust it over my head. Pulling my black Converse out of the closet, I pulled them on in record time. I found a hair tie on my desk, and quickly pulled my straight hair into a high ponytail. Scooping up my already packed back pack, I ran down the stairs, and out the front door to my mom’s car. I jumped in the small Honda Civic.
“Finally,” she sighed. “what took you so long?”
“Sorry...” I mumbled, not answering her question. She backed out of the driveway, and drove towards the city where the Academy was.
After a few minutes of silence, mom asked me if I was ready for my first day of high school.
“Umm, yeah...I guess.” I shrugged. I wasn’t really nervous. All of my friends would be there, so I’d be fine.
“Good...” she replied. “I just want you to know...” she sniffed, “that I’m so proud of the young lady you’re becoming. And I want you to know that I love you.” she sniffed again.
“Oh mom...” I said hugging her with some difficulty, as she was driving.
“Your dad said good luck and that you’ll do great.” she added after a moment.
“Tell him thanks.” I replied. When we reached the school, I became very intimidated, but I didn’t let it show. The main building was huge, and made of black brick. Everything was perfectly manicured, and there were police standing near the door.
“Love you honey.” my mom yelled out the window as she drove off. I cringed. All the older kids that sat out front, glanced at me and snickered. Keeping my head high, I strode towards the massive doors of the intimidating Academy. I was so focused on trying to appear calm, that I tripped on the first step, and fell on my face. The seniors giggled as I stood up, face burning. This is going to be interesting...
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