Welcome to My Life
Getting There
Hi, my name is Annabel Smith (Annie to my friends) I have straight brown hair, and brown eyes. I lived in Orlando, Florida but then me and my family moved to Illinois, Chicago. Today is my first day at Evergreen Middle School and 8th grade. Right at this very moment I am digging through my closet for a pretty dress. I don’t really have that many dresses, and that’s because I don’t really like dresses, but mom says you must dress to impress. I keep looking until I find it. Its not the best dress ever, but it’s the best one I’ve got. It’s a black and white stripped dress, with thin straps. I run to the bathroom and put it on, along with that, I pull my hair into a tight high ponytail leaving a couple of my bangs hanging out, and add a dash of lip-gloss. I take out one of my black cardigans put it on and take one more look in the mirror. I didn’t look that bad, I smiled and walked to my shoe area, and picked a pair of new black flats. I though I would never wear those shoes, but here I am wearing them now. I opened the door and fell to the floor. “Chloe! Get off me!” I screamed.
“What’s the magic word Ann?” She said giggling
“Please!” I shouted in an annoyed voice
“Okay!” she hopped off and, I dusted myself off. Then I carried on with my normal proses. After I finished eating, mom said good-bye and wished me luck on my first day. I said a quick bye, got my backpack and headed for the bus.
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