Welcome to October
An Exit Exceptional
Dear Readers,
I honestly cannot believe I finished this book. It was not for lack of trying but rather out of a reluctance to post the ending. I kind of suck at endings. And I didn’t want a bunch of people to see me screw this one up.
The wonderful thing about storytelling is that we can continue revising and reshaping the same story until it shines. Until it actually speaks to someone. I feel so fortunate that I have had so many dedicated readers encouraging me to tell this bittersweet story. I definitely thought it’d be a struggle to find an audience for this one, but through Storybird, even a strange thing like October seems to have found a place— and my characters kooky, a voice.
However, October as it stands on Storybird is only a first draft. I’m so grateful for those of you who suffered through it with me as I figured out who these characters were, where they were going, and where they needed to be. Eventually, I hope to revise this story. I think it needs some time to sit, to marinate, and of course to be critiqued. As readers, you have a more knowing eye than you might realize. I really do wonder what things confused you, made you curious, or stood out as particularly odd (typos aside. Haha!).
In the meantime, while I put October temporarily to rest with its 23rd chapter, I would like to leave you with a good news, bad news kind of thing. The bad news is that yes, we have finally reached the end of October. The good news is it’s done. The bad news, there doesn’t seem to be a place for anymore stories set in this universe, currently on the brain.
But the good news is you can always go back and reread October. In fact, I encourage you to. I left a note within the story— a secret message, a code discreet— for those of you who like that sort of silliness (I know I do), and just because I love playing with formatting and could. If you find the note, I hope it resonates with you. The reason I wrote this story was partly because I’ve never experienced anything like what these girls have, and I wondered if, with a personality like mine, could I possibly ever understand true heartache and hurting? And because I have the potential, myself, of becoming a blackhole, I wondered if that ever happened, what could possibly help me out?
The answer, I think, I found through this story, and I wanted to share what I’d learned in a creative way. Because that’s the other gift of storytelling.
Through reading or writing, you always learn something.
I hope you join me in my next endeavor as I learn, grow, and try new, crazy things.
Hearts and hugs, All. Adieu!
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