Welcome To The Kaleidoscope Kingdom
The Houses Of The Kingdom
Before I start, I’m sorry, I don’t have much time, our Kingdom is slowly decaying like the body of a dying cicada, nobody wants to be part of our failing city, it’s not a choice, you’re forced into it, either that or it’s an eternity of darkness without afterlife, let me explains what happens here, we are a realm of people who are too good for heaven and too evil for hell. Although my name is Spera and I am the only person to be born into the Kingdom so my purpose here is unclear, we used to be ruled by one political house and they were The House Of Spera which in our language means Hope ( that’s where my name comes from ). They were a kindly family and cared about the Kingdom’s people, business, resources and wealth equally and ruled fairly and justly and their Ruler Solis ( which means Sun in our language ) he had got a servant of his House pregnant with twins which caused him, his unborn children and the Mother of his children to be exiled from the Kingdom and to revoke his title as Ruler of The House Of Spera which without a governmental system the entire Kingdom went into a rebellion and started rioting and going wild until the year 2064 when the children of Solis returned to the Kingdom fifteen years later their names Celesse and Luna and they held the most bitter of sibling rivalries and created their own houses Celesse formed the one called The House Of Auream Solis and Luna formed The House Of Noctis and the city started to fall into disarray with unemployment level heightening and our Kingdom becoming poorer and more warfare and violence with our rival houses so before you decide to help our shattered realm, please, please be aware there will be death, you will witness horrors well beyond your comprehension so this tale is not for the faint of heart.

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