what a sweet fight.
October is here, which means Halloween!
The teenagers stay home, while I dress like a queen.
Lots and lots of candy going straight to my bag,
I know all the good houses (though, of course, not to brag).
Ew, only weirdos like Halloween!
I’m staying home while you dress like a queen?
You’re crazy. No way. ‘Cause while you’re begging for candy,
I already have lots - and I’m at home, which comes in handy.
Trick or treating’s way more fun! I don’t get you, what’s your deal?
Halloween’s the only time when you can have candy for a main meal!
I wish you could just keep your stupid problems. Just shut up!
You’re only seventeen and now you’re acting like a grown-up!
That’s the point! I’m seventeen! I’m way too old for this!
So I’ll be fine doing my job while you’re in your sugar bliss.
Can’t you see? Sure, I wish that I could trick or treat!
But my friends say I should stay at home and not go through the streets.
Please, sis’? I promise that I’ll never ask again! Just one night?
Okay, fine. But we better not ever again have this fight.
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