when friends are found in strangers, it just may change your life
What We Found
What We Found

When Bridget, Lucas, Sarah, Mona, Cali, and Alex meet, it seems as if fate drew them together. Together, these children form a bond that will have to stand strong forever.

Chapter 1: Letters to Start
Chapter 2: Bridget: How to Make a Friend
Chapter 3: Lucas: A Whole New World
Chapter 4: Bridget: The Club in the Tree
Chapter 5: Cali: Sharing my Secret With a Bunch of Strangers
Chapter 6: Something I Forgot...
Chapter 7: Lucas: Tragedy I Can Understand
Chapter 8: Bridget: Space Oddity
Chapter 9: Lucas: A Grim Time
Chapter 10: Alex: Divorce Wars
Chapter 11: Cali: Outbursts and HUGE Mistakes
Chapter 12: Lucas: Observer of Conflict
Chapter 13: Bridget: Continuing the Story
Chapter 14: Lucas: The Antique Shop
Chapter 15: Bridget: Happy Stories, Sad Stories
Chapter 16: Lucas: Tree Girl and the Half-Irish, Half-Dreamer Children
Chapter 17: Bridget: Flying Lessons
Chapter 18: Sarah: My Past
Chapter 19: Bridget: The Retelling
Chapter 20: Mona: Hope for the Rejected
Chapter 21: Alex: What Friends are For
Chapter 22: Bridget: Imogene the Locket-Girl
Chapter 23: Bridget: For the Flying Girl and the Dreaming Boy
Chapter 24: Mona: An Earlier Insight
Chapter 25: Mona: Janice Mona
Chapter 26: Cali: Stupid And Wonderful
Chapter 27: Lucas: What Exactly Happened?
Chapter 28: Mona: Scones
Chapter 29: Bridget: Fire Everywhere
Chapter 30: Cali: Little Sisters
Chapter 31: Lucas: Impossible Promises
Chapter 32: Bridget: Filling the Locket
Chapter 33: Alex: A Grim Encounter
Chapter 34: Alex: Trapped yet Free
Chapter 35: Bridget: Invitations
Chapter 36: Lucas: Support
Chapter 37: Bridget: Desk Collections
Chapter 38: Sarah: Three Cheers
Chapter 39: Bridget: Samantha
Chapter 40: Bridget: Remember Us
Chapter 41: Lucas: It All Fits
Chapter 42: Cali: Adoption
Chapter 43: Lucas: No More
Chapter 44: Mona: Square One
Chapter 45: Bridget: Making the Choice
Chapter 46: Alex: Dan
Chapter 47: Lucas: True Kolfers
Chapter 48: Cali: Another Depression
Chapter 49: Bridget: Comfort and Questions
Chapter 50: Cali: I Can't
Chapter 51: Lucas: Potassium Chlorate Mixed With Sulphur
Chapter 52: Bridget: December 13th
Chapter 53: Lucas: Whenever You Want
Chapter 54: Bridget: Snow is Snow
Chapter 55: Sarah: Geodes
Chapter 56: Bridget: Distance Doesn't Matter
Chapter 57: Alex: Sunshine in the Rain
Chapter 58: Bridget: The Funeral
Chapter 59: Cali: The Plan
Chapter 60: Cali: Lots of Love
Chapter 61: Bridget: No Matter What You Do, You Always Have Your Friends
Chapter 62: Bridget: A Visiting Place
Chapter 63: Mona: Linked Pinkies
Chapter 64: Lucas: Mona's New Start
Chapter 65: Mona: Off to Paris!
Chapter 66: Cali: Bittersweet
Chapter 67: Mona: Dance Till You Drop
Chapter 68: Bridget: Harsh Betrayal
Chapter 69: Cali: :|...:]...:)
Chapter 70: Lucas: Different Paths
Chapter 71: Mona: A Reject
Chapter 72: Lucas: Freaky...Wig?
Chapter 73: Bridget: Still Family!
Chapter 74: Mona: Yes, YES, YES!
Chapter 75: Bridget: Shuffling Through Postcards
Chapter 76: Lucas: Once Lost, Forever Found
Chapter 77: Bridget: The Universe Answers
Chapter 78: Alex: Optimists Where You Least Expect Them
Chapter 79: Bridget: I Have A Plan
Chapter 80: Lucas
Chapter 81: Bridget: Beware The Pitchfork-Wielding Mobs!
Chapter 82: Alex: The Speech
Chapter 83: Cali: Fancy Stuff's Overrated
Chapter 84: Bridget: A Chance Lost
Chapter 85: Everyone
Chapter 86: Alex: Finding The Journal
Chapter 87: Bridget: Catching Alex
Chapter 88: Alex: Coming Or Not?
Chapter 89: Bridget: A New Story
Chapter 90: Imogene: Say Goodbye To Me
Chapter 91: Bridget: Talk
Chapter 92: Bridget: Explaining Everything
Chapter 93: Imogene: The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 94: Alex: What Was Once Broken Is Now Mended
Chapter 95: Alex: Just Ours
Chapter 96: Everyone
Chapter 97: The Final Chapter: Bridget
Chapter 98: Letters to Finish
Chapter 99: Epilogue: Alex
Chapter 100: Epilogue: Cali
Chapter 101: Epilogue: Sarah
Chapter 102: Epilogue: Imogene
Chapter 103: Epilogue: Lucas
Chapter 104: Epilogue: Bridget
Chapter 105: Our Wonderland (An Excerpt) Bridget
Chapter 106: Bonus Short Story: Together Again

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