What We Found

When Bridget, Lucas, Sarah, Mona, Cali, and Alex meet, it seems as if fate drew them together. Together, these children form a bond that will have to stand strong forever.

Chapter 1: Letters to Start
Chapter 2: Bridget: How to Make a Friend
Chapter 3: Lucas: A Whole New World
Chapter 4: Bridget: The Club in the Tree
Chapter 5: Cali: Sharing my Secret With a Bunch of Strangers
Chapter 6: Something I Forgot...
Chapter 7: Lucas: Tragedy I Can Understand
Chapter 8: Bridget: Space Oddity
Chapter 9: Lucas: A Grim Time
Chapter 10: Alex: Divorce Wars
Chapter 11: Cali: Outbursts and HUGE Mistakes
Chapter 12: Lucas: Observer of Conflict
Chapter 13: Bridget: Continuing the Story
Chapter 14: Lucas: The Antique Shop
Chapter 15: Bridget: Happy Stories, Sad Stories
Chapter 16: Lucas: Tree Girl and the Half-Irish, Half-Dreamer Children
Chapter 17: Bridget: Flying Lessons
Chapter 18: Sarah: My Past
Chapter 19: Bridget: The Retelling
Chapter 20: Mona: Hope for the Rejected
Chapter 21: Alex: What Friends are For
Chapter 22: Bridget: Imogene the Locket-Girl
Chapter 23: Bridget: For the Flying Girl and the Dreaming Boy
Chapter 24: Mona: An Earlier Insight
Chapter 25: Mona: Janice Mona
Chapter 26: Cali: Stupid And Wonderful
Chapter 27: Lucas: What Exactly Happened?
Chapter 28: Mona: Scones
Chapter 29: Bridget: Fire Everywhere
Chapter 30: Cali: Little Sisters
Chapter 31: Lucas: Impossible Promises
Chapter 32: Bridget: Filling the Locket
Chapter 33: Alex: A Grim Encounter
Chapter 34: Alex: Trapped yet Free
Chapter 35: Bridget: Invitations
Chapter 36: Lucas: Support
Chapter 37: Bridget: Desk Collections
Chapter 38: Sarah: Three Cheers
Chapter 39: Bridget: Samantha
Chapter 40: Bridget: Remember Us
Chapter 41: Lucas: It All Fits
Chapter 42: Cali: Adoption
Chapter 43: Lucas: No More
Chapter 44: Mona: Square One
Chapter 45: Bridget: Making the Choice
Chapter 46: Alex: Dan
Chapter 47: Lucas: True Kolfers
Chapter 48: Cali: Another Depression
Chapter 49: Bridget: Comfort and Questions
Chapter 50: Cali: I Can't
Chapter 51: Lucas: Potassium Chlorate Mixed With Sulphur
Chapter 52: Bridget: December 13th
Chapter 53: Lucas: Whenever You Want
Chapter 54: Bridget: Snow is Snow
Chapter 55: Sarah: Geodes
Chapter 56: Bridget: Distance Doesn't Matter
Chapter 57: Alex: Sunshine in the Rain
Chapter 58: Bridget: The Funeral
Chapter 59: Cali: The Plan
Chapter 60: Cali: Lots of Love
Chapter 61: Bridget: No Matter What You Do, You Always Have Your Friends
Chapter 62: Bridget: A Visiting Place
Chapter 63: Mona: Linked Pinkies
Chapter 64: Lucas: Mona's New Start
Chapter 65: Mona: Off to Paris!
Chapter 66: Cali: Bittersweet
Chapter 67: Mona: Dance Till You Drop
Chapter 68: Bridget: Harsh Betrayal
Chapter 69: Cali: :|...:]...:)
Chapter 70: Lucas: Different Paths
Chapter 71: Mona: A Reject
Chapter 72: Lucas: Freaky...Wig?
Chapter 73: Bridget: Still Family!
Chapter 74: Mona: Yes, YES, YES!
Chapter 75: Bridget: Shuffling Through Postcards
Chapter 76: Lucas: Once Lost, Forever Found
Chapter 77: Bridget: The Universe Answers
Chapter 78: Alex: Optimists Where You Least Expect Them
Chapter 79: Bridget: I Have A Plan
Chapter 80: Lucas
Chapter 81: Bridget: Beware The Pitchfork-Wielding Mobs!
Chapter 82: Alex: The Speech
Chapter 83: Cali: Fancy Stuff's Overrated
Chapter 84: Bridget: A Chance Lost
Chapter 85: Everyone
Chapter 86: Alex: Finding The Journal
Chapter 87: Bridget: Catching Alex
Chapter 88: Alex: Coming Or Not?
Chapter 89: Bridget: A New Story
Chapter 90: Imogene: Say Goodbye To Me
Chapter 91: Bridget: Talk
Chapter 92: Bridget: Explaining Everything
Chapter 93: Imogene: The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 94: Alex: What Was Once Broken Is Now Mended
Chapter 95: Alex: Just Ours
Chapter 96: Everyone
Chapter 97: The Final Chapter: Bridget
Chapter 98: Letters to Finish
Chapter 99: Epilogue: Alex
Chapter 100: Epilogue: Cali
Chapter 101: Epilogue: Sarah
Chapter 102: Epilogue: Imogene
Chapter 103: Epilogue: Lucas
Chapter 104: Epilogue: Bridget
Chapter 105: Our Wonderland (An Excerpt) Bridget
Chapter 106: Bonus Short Story: Together Again

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