when friends are found in strangers, it just may change your life
What We Found
Letters to Start
You want to do a book on us?
I’ll think about it. It’s not easy to remember them. It hurts. But if you promise not to go to far, I might just accept.
-Alexandra C.
A book? And you want our help? I’ll try to remember us as kids, but it’ll be hard. What’s that? Oh, I’m on board!
-Calissa P.-
Wow, you’re serious? I’m so glad our childhood story could be noticed. Of course I’ll help.
-Sarah M.
This is amazing! I didn’t think anyone would take interest in six depressed kids. Am I helping? You bet. Oh, and I’m signing with the first name so I don’t give up the secret.
Mona K.
Lucas here. Three words for you:
I’m. So. In.
=Lucas K.=
Thank so much for taking interest in us. So glad our story could be told. Lucas is at the table writing his response right now. Oh, wait, Anna and Brigid are wailing. I’ve got to go, but I’ll be sending the first part A.S.A.P. Now, where do we begin...
~Bridget K.

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Chapter 2

Bridget: How to Make a Friend

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