what i want to become
chapter one
when i was little I wanted to become a doctor but i new i needed to work hard for that so I needed to get straight A’s at that time i only watched kid movies because I was 5 years old but then when i grew older and started to watch criminal scene investigations,law and order and all that other tv shows I thought oh i want to become one but then my whole life changed
after that i wanted to become an artist but that dream i new might come true i said that i want to accomplish that and something else i wanted to become an analytical chemist and for those of you how don.t know what that is a scientist that studies and tests the chemical composition and behaviors of many different substances.so what ever you want to become you can do it but you have to put your mind to it like i am going to do it but i have 4 more years to go but i have to start from no to get a head start. And i hope you have good luck for all of you people that are near college grades

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