an insane summer full of toddlers, babysitting and discovering
What Lukas
Part One:
‘’I cannot believe I have to work with you,‘’ he glared at me from across the limousine.
I crossed my arms over my dark purple shirt which had the words Unicorns all over it.
I really had to get rid of that thing.
‘’Let’s just say I’m not exactly thrilled either,’’ I hissed back.
‘’Of all the seven billion people-‘’ Lukas chucked his bulky arms up.
Mr. Brent interfered, motioning for the chauffeur to unroll the windows.
I felt my jaw sink to the car floor as we pulled into the driveway, the two emerald gates shutting.
‘’You live in a mansion?‘’ Lukas shrilled.
No, it’s a freaking cottage.
Duh, the mansion was right there.
I rolled my eyes as he took out his phone and started to click a bunch of selfies of him in front of it.
What a self centered little brat.
‘’Well if you had actually listened to what Mr. Brent said, you would know,’’ I smugly smiled at him.
‘’Guess that’s what makes me cool and you a nerd,’’ Lukas crossed his arms.
‘’Boy, I oughta-‘’
Mr. Brent coughed, giving us looks.
We both slouched down in the seat while the chauffeur who’s name was Richard unlocked the doors.
He smiled at us with these amazingly straight shiny teeth.
‘’Make sure you get all your bags, everyone. It’s going to be a long summer,’’ he chuckled.
I started to lift my heavy suitcase but felt Lukas pull it away from me.
‘’I got it Hol,’’ he smirked at me.
‘’For the billionth time, it’s Hollyn!’’ I erupted, taking in a deep breath of the fresh air.
I hated my name with a passion since literally no one in the world has it.
I would’ve liked just Holly, but my Mother decided she wanted some extra pizzazz.
So now it was Hollyn.
Lukas brushed off some nonesixtsntet dirt off his black leather jacket.
‘’And by the way, I know how to carry something,’’ I snatched it from his hands.
Lukas held his arms out in surrender while I stormed past him.
‘’Are you sure you two are ready for this?’’ Mr. Brent handed something to Richard.
I think it was a wad of bills but I couldn’t say for sure.
‘’Oh Riley, you should be asking the girl that, not me,’’ Lukas clapped him on the shoulder.
I gritted my teeth, feeling like I could explode with anger.
‘’It’s Mr. Brent to you,’’ he brushed Lukas’s hand off him.
I exploded into laughter and watched him start for the huge wooden door, us following.
‘’Yeah. You hear that Lukas? It’s Mr. Brent,‘’ I flicked my hair at him.
‘’I heard him Hol. By the way are those jeans from the lost and found, or the homeless shelter?’’ he whispered in my ear.
I let out a gasp right as Mr. Brent swung open the door for us.
‘’Holy cannoli, this place is huge! Just imagine the parties we can have here,’’ Lukas breathed.
He rushed in front of me while I politely brushed the dirt off my shoes.
‘’How ‘bout it Hol? We could party for days,’’ he beamed.
I didn’t answer, I was too busy scanning the huge staircase that led upstairs.
I couldn’t even explain how big the mansion was. It was just all yellow and marble floors.
And very clean.
It had that febreeze and autumn candle smell everywhere you went.
‘’Well Lukas and Hollyn, the summer is now up to you,’’ Mr. Brent was gripping a small suitcase.
‘’I’m just here for the money,’’ Lukas interrupted flatly.
I sighed and watched as Mr. Brent gave him a dirty look.
It was hilarious if I do say so myself.
‘’We’ll be sure to make sure your children are taken care of,’’ I gave him a nudge.
‘’Thank you. Ten kids. I don’t know how you two will do it,’’ he chuckled.
I gritted out a laugh and watched as he silently left, leaving us with a whole ring of keys.
Two of them were for our rooms, some were for the pool, others were for the movie theater.
I took in a deep breath and adjusted my suitcase to my other hand.
‘’Ready for this?’’ I glanced at Lukas who crossed his arms over his chest.
My tone was forcefully nice while I stared at him with venom racing in my veins.
‘’I can take on any kid. Let’s just see if you can do the same,’’ he charged in front.
I sighed and shuffled forward, afraid of how my sneakers would leave marks.
I wasn’t worried about the kids.
It was Lukas I was more worried about.
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