What Who and When We use to be
What Happened to our Friendship
Kira Regina@GRTW(Girls Rule The World)
They say once a friendship is broken you can fix it, like a glass bowl and super glue, but it will always have cracks in it. That for us at least is true. I’m trying to mend those cracks, but there are some you must meet me half-way there and that you must fix, for I can’t. My one question to you, Hasley, is “What happened to our friendship?”
Hasley Rio@AwesomestQueen
The truth, the real truth, is I don’t know. If I did Kira, I would tell you. Trust me I would........... this is one thing you can trust me to tell you. Kira I will try to mend the cracks in our “glass bowl” that you can’t and I will try to meet you half-way. But to be honest I........ don’t know how to.......... yet, and I’m sure your still figuring out how you , yourself are going to fix the cracks, I have to figure out my own strategy. I’m sorry Kira but I have to be able to do it myself and.......... I’m not ready, not yet. I’ll heal and slowly mend our friendship. But it has to be on my terms, while you mend on your terms.
Kira Regina@GRTW(Girls Rule The World)
Hasley.................................................. I’m sorry for pushing you away and micro managing you...................... It’s just your the only sturdy thing in my life. Even if were apart your still the most sturdy part of my life.
True Friends Never Apart,
Maybe In distance,
But never at Heart.
-Hellen Keller
Hasley Rio@AwesomestQueen
Truly Great Friends,
Are Hard To Find,
Difficult to leave,
and Impossible to forget.
This applies to you Kira, I forgave you along time ago. I still care about you just let us mend first.
Kira Regina@GRTW(Girls Rule The World)
I’m glad,
Friendship doesn’t,
Have a price tag,
Because I’d,
Never be able to afford,
Someone as great as you.
Hasley Rio@AwesomestQueen
Good Friends,
Are Like Snowflakes,
There all different and beautiful.
And you are Beautiful and Different. Can’t wait to call you my Best Friend again.
Kira Regina@GRTW(Girls Rule The World)
Thank you! ( weeping )
Hasley Rio@AwesomestQueen
A true friend,
sees the first tear,
catches the second,
and stops the third.

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