When Disaster Strikes
Trystan’s P.O.V
It was a cold, gloomy, rainy October day outside, but nothing on earth was going to cancel this trip. Our fathers are crazy about the outdoors, and wanted to take their sons (us) camping. We were fortunate to avoid it all summer, but soon our soon fate caught up with us. Which was why we are were now unloading the mini van instead of watching Netflix like a normal person. “Trystan, Zach , get over here and help set up the tents. I was to tired to complain so I dragged Zach along and we started groggily walking towards the tents. BOOM, CRACK. Thunder and lightning sounded through out the forest. It’s days like this when its easy to forget that we lived on a tropical island. “Shouldn’t we go to the rain shelter?” Said Zach . “Naw, it’s fine. A little rain never hurt anybody” “Yeah but, lightning does dad.” Your more likely to be killed by a donkey then get struck by lightning we’ll be fine.” “Okay but if anything goes wrong I’m blaming you!”
It was around 5:00 A.M when I was shook awake. “Zach stop that I’m awake, Jeez!” “Your dad said we need to go, everything is flooding.” “I got to tell him, I told you so!” the younger boy said with a smirk. “Fine” I huffed out as I scrambled to pack my bag. Zach climbed back out of the tent and started taking down the unoccupied adult tent. “Hurry up, Trystan we haven’t got all day you know.” “I know dad, I’m coming. As I steeped outside I saw panic. Lots of people were running to the shelter with as much as they could carry. I picked up my stuff and started running too.
We had been running for about 5 minutes when I couldn’t see Zach anymore. I looked back and saw Zach on the ground being trampled by panicked people. I tried to stop but, the crowd (or, stampede) kept pushing me forward. So I ducked to the ground and found myself to him, but by the time I got to him our parents were out of sight probably pushed back by the crowd too.
“Sorry, I tripped, and couldn’t get up. Probably because I didn’t have life alert.” Zach laughed. “Dude not the best time, cause we kinda lost our parents in a flood, in the middle of a forest!!! “No, we didn’t. We know where they’re going all we have to do is meet them there. There’s probably a short cut or something too, lets check. Do you still have the map.” Yup, I reply as I felt for it in my pocket.” Zach grabbed it out of my hand and immediately started analyzing it. “According to this map we could go through that trail which loops directly to the shelter.” “Are you sure?” Debating in my head if I should follow a 12 year old into a forest. “Positive!” Ughh this is so gonna come back and bite us.
As we were about to start heading towards the trail I heard the loudest thing I have ever heard in my life, It shook the ground and stopped us in our tracks. Thunder! Stopping was our fatal mistake because thunder is ALWAYS followed by lightning. I saw a flash hit the ground and felt the sting of electricity on me. Then all I saw was black.
Zach ‘s P.O.V
Ughh! It feels like I was smashed between a Coca-Cola and Mentos truck. No, actually that probably would feel better than this. I think we were stuck by lightning... or seeming that we are alive maybe it’s after shock. Wow something feels hot! Crap that’s fire! Where’s Trystan? I look down and see Trystan knocked out cold. Crap!!! Is he alive? “Trystan!, wake up!” “Now!!” I quickly check to see if he has a heart beat. Few, its there. Okay what do I do now..... Wait! I have a water bottle! I quickly unscrew the cap and pour some of it on Trystan’s face.
“Aghh, what’s happening, where am I, Is that fire!?!” Umm, there was a lightning bolt, we’re camping and yes that is fire. Now come on we have to go now!” I say feeling my heartbeat speed up more and more, ready to burst. I grab his arm and we ran out of the fire, and we turned around just in time to see a tree collapse on the exact spot we had been only a few seconds ago. “Wow, thanks you saved my life Zach .” “No problemo” “We should probably get to higher ground It looks like it’s spreading and fast” Trystan turned around and started walking the other way. “ We can’t do that! Our parents are THAT way! “Yea and so is the fire. Plus since we have the wind is blowing our way which means its coming toward us which also means we should probably keep moving.” Trystan continued Ummm yea no! No way. I must be dreaming. FYI that way is also the mountain. “Ughhh I sigh. Look towards Trystan ,who is already almost past my view

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