a forbidden freindship
When Theres Lemons Theres Oranges
The Beginning
All was lost. Thats what Matilda thought. Matilda was an petite old woman with long grey hair and a lovely smile. that smile told you good things about her, but, really she was a cruel evil witch. All was lost because her assigned town group was falling. All was planned all was perfect. But the earthquake stabelizers had broke down and years worth of earthquakes spilled out. Every single building had crumbeled, and her people didn’t know what to do.
“Nobody move!’ Matilda screamed through the broadcasting speaker. everyone froze. The ground still shook rapidly.
immediately“I know this is strange and new, but we need the immediately get to the animation tank storage supply! These animation tanks will keep us alive and thriving for as long as we need to. When this series of earthquakes ends, the animation tanks will disable and you will be free to move once more. But I must warn you! When these earthquakes end I have decided to make a change of rules, safer rules to keep this community a safer and better place. Now hurry!” she yelled. She rushed to her own personal animation tank for emerjencys like this. After this, all the rules will change, everything will be precise. Everything will go according to plan.

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Chapter 2

Seasons Of The Colors

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