The crystaline Diaries
My Best Friend Forever
I found myself running, a small 4-year old, racing in the middle of nowhere. Great. Still, I kept running. I could sense it. It. The thing that ruined my life. It took my mom, the last part of true family. Suddenly, an thundering voice echoed throughout my mind. I know where you are. I shuddered and halted to a sudden stop.
“You took my mom, monster! I will never give up! But most of all, you will never have me.” I shouted in the sky, eternal darkness, echoing for years to come. Surrender now, the thundering voice responded harshly. I will spare you and your friends. “Never! I don’t have any friends.” I looked around. Fine, the voice said. But you will suffer! Suddenly, the walls collapsed. “No,” I shouted. “No.” The world twisted and turned. It got blurrier and blurrier.
“Aah!” I woke up with a scream. A tall man rushed in. “What is it, Violet? Is there something wrong?” Relief ran over me. It was my dad, the king. His crown was sideways, and his hair was messed up. Hm, if I had to guess he was up overnight, doing work. He gave me a questioning glance. “I guess,” I said calmly. “It was a bad dream. I was running and running. Then this threatening voice threatened me.” He sat by my side. “Violet, this is your first day in the castle. It’s ok. Everyone has nightmares on their first day in the castle.” “No, dad,” I objected. “It’s just about mom.” We both sighed. “Are you sure that mom is gone, dad?” I questioned. “I’m sorry, Violet. But here, follow me. I followed him to the window. I hopped onto my little stool and looked out the window. “You see that star?” He pointed to a shining star. It was the same one I mom pointed out to me at home, before all of.... this. “That star is mom.” My dad looked on confidently. “Really?” I questioned. “Sure,” Dad said. “Mom just took that star’s place. You can see her in the night sky.” I looked on at little star mom. “Now,” Dad said wearily. “It is time for bed. You can look at mom later.” I walked into bed and snuggled with the covers. “I know you are there mom, .....somewhere.” I turned to looked out the window for one last time, then my eyelids slowly drooped down as I dropped down into darkness....

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Chapter 2

Some 13 Years Later.....

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