When Winter Comes Around...
5:00 AM Monday 11th of July
Im about to get up when a scream so loud runs Across the hallway into my room
“Sabrina!” My brother yells from his room, “Get Up You Sloth”. My Brother calls me that cause he thinks i’m lazy. “Shut up Idiot!”. All is quiet, just as i think i can get away with 10 more minutes in bed my alarm goes off... “Were bigger than we ever dreamed, and i’m in love with been queen.” Those are my favourite lines from Royals by Lorde, it keeps going. “And we’ll never be Royals!” I Finally turn it off, Its still quiet i’m nearly awake, and trying to get 5 more minutes when... mum drops pots on the floor down stairs! She does it to wake us up. Now i’m Awake, or mostly... Cause I get up but then, fall.
“Stupid Legs!” i whisper cry. I finally stand, and am slightly wobbly. But some how i fall again... Upon arrival, My Brother Noah aka 1 minute younger twin has been extremely annoying, so when i find him running into my room and jumping on me i’m not surprised. “NOAH!!! OUT!!!” i Cry, i’m not surprised if president Obama heard, and i’m in new Zealand!As he leaves he calls back to me “Cloudy with snow!” “out!’ i call back.
“hmm hm hm hm hm we don’t care were driving Cadillacs in our dreams hm hm hm hm hm hm” i hum, i love royals. I make sure my Infinity necklace isn’t twisted, and i put on my lightning bolt ring and I slump down stairs.

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Chapter 2

5:30 AM Monday 11th July. TWEET TWEET...

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