A One-page-poem about love...
,,I won’t love you..! Yet I do.’’
I was in love from the day we met, but I never told you, I never said.
You were dirty, I was not, but I still liked you, liked you a lot.
You said I was pretty, I just walked away. You took my hand, and asked me to stay.
You gave me a flower, but I was to proud. I said ,,No!’’ in front of the crowd.
You gave me your love every day, but I just left you, I wouldn’t stay.
I said I hated you; that was a lie. I went home, just to cry.
One day I saw you, you weren’t alone. You met a girl, and brought her to her home.
She is nice, but I know I will miss, the thing she stol, she stol your kiss.
Three days later, you were back. She had been lying, you said she should pack.
You kissed me that day, and I went mad. ,,I don’t like you!’’ I said, too bad.
You smiled at my anger and said I was sweet, but my real anger, you’ll never meet.
One day you asked me to marry you. I ran away; I loved you, I knew!
Very soon after I lost my mind. I told you something, I know! I was blind!
The day when I said this, I lost me pride; ,,Save me from a dragon, and I’ll be your bride!’’
Because I said that, because I didn’t knew; you found an other, with her your heart flew.
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