Teachers, We’ve Had a Problem
Madrid, 10 February 2015
A tornado approaches our school spinning right into Primary classes, the staff room, the gym, the students’ backpacks ...
Every single corner where textbooks are!
Textbooks are flown away just like that, in a flash!
Only a brave young learner plucks the courage to wave goodbye to the flying leaves while they vanish in the air.
And, now what?
A shocked Arts & Crafts teacher looks up in disbelief and cries her eyes out while wondering in despair: ‘And now what? My students need their learning. I must teach them what is in those gone textbooks, and the term is just starting! A school with no textbooks? How shocking!’
Better approaching the issue in pairs.
And she runs to the Science teacher, who also seems to need his textbook, but who is a brave guy looking forward to experimenting.
Hand in hand, but still dumbfoundedly looking up, they both set off across the empty school playground, looking everywhere.
‘The textbook leaves are bound to come back to earth and land somewhere, aren’t they?’ That’s their silent thought.
Even better, if the issue is approached in teams.
Soon, more teachers join the quest. The PE teacher, the Music teacher, even the Head teacher and the Principal; all step in their collaborative search for textbooks.
However, what they find is ...
... a couple of survivors to the textbooks tornado, sitting on the school fence in isolation, blank staring, in fear for the return of Fs!
Thus, the team of teachers stop looking up in disbelief, gather together, sit down and think:
‘Is it time for a change?’
Let’s face it: textbooks have flown away for good but school must go on, so ...
... ‘Teachers, we’ve had problem. How are we sorting it out?’
What about envisaging another kind of school, with less fear for Fs and more hope for learning?

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