Where The Missing Go
Deja Who?
Have you ever had déjà vu? Have you ever experienced it with another person’s memories? I have.
Let me fill you in on the last few weeks or months of my life. I honestly don’t know how long I have been in this place. As if being a fifteen-year-old girl isn’t hard enough, someone with a mean streak a mile long put me in this place. Even worse I don’t know what this place is. Or where it is. Or how I got here. When I first woke up here, maybe a few weeks ago, I thought I was in the hospital. Then I was moved to another sector a week later and it was apparent I’m being used as a guinea pig for some type of scientific experiment. I have been strapped into chairs with weird headgear on, given shots, and pills. The few people that I see insist on calling me Talia. My name is Becca. I know this sounds totally crazy, but I’m having someone else’s memories. Maybe they are mine from a past life but they are for sure not my memories from the past 15 years of my life.
No one will answer my questions. Well, except this guy, Jedrek. He seems a little older than me. He got me alone the other day and warned me not to let anyone know I remember who I am and where I’m from or I would be here a lot longer. I guess these people tried to brainwash me and make me believe I am Talia. He told me I’m meant to be her replacement. The guy told me I am on another planet, Earth’s twin. I decided he was crazy, and worried I might actually be in a place for the mentally ill. The thing is, besides the fact that I don’t want to believe I am mentally ill, I in fact have another girl’s memories. Maybe that is why they think I’m mentally ill. I never had another personality or someone else’s memories before I ended up here though.
Believe me I have tried to escape. I have failed to find any way out of this place. If I could just get out of here and run for help. Talk to my mother and find out what the heck is going on. If I’m not crazy now I am going to go crazy soon. The sliding door to my room opens up and my assigned nurse robot, Adelbot enters. I think she has a screw loose, literally. It sounds like someone tossed a small screw into a hot air popcorn popper. She looks like a large plastic astronaut toy with girly shaped black eyes. She has the personality of an air popper.
She stops and holds a small tray by me. “Pills for Talia. Ingest please.”
“What if I refuse Adelbrain?” I ask.
Adelbot let’s off a loud alarm, similar to a car alarm. I yell at her to stop as I grab the water, toss the pills into my mouth, and wash them down. The alarm stops. I glare at her. “Have a good night,” she says and glides back out with the sliding door closing behind her. I know the door automatically locks when shut. I sat back against the pillows. The light above started to slowly dim. I knew I wouldn’t be awake for long. Maybe I shouldn’t complain about the sleeping pills. Sleep lets me escape this place for a while. I often dream about home and friends. I yawn and curl up on my side pulling the covers up over my shoulders. I’m asleep before the dim light turns to dark.
In the morning I stretch as I wake up. The light is slowly getting brighter. I felt good until I remembered I’m still in this sterile white room and not my own room at home. Every day I wake up here my heart sinks and I feel depressed, alone and afraid. Then I feel angry that no one will tell me exactly where I am, why I am here, and when the heck I can leave. I hate not knowing what to expect each day. After I’m allowed to shower and dress, I wait for breakfast. Instead an actual person enters my room.
“Come with me please,” says a woman. She is tall, thin and probably around 35 I would guess. She has a tag hanging from the chord around her neck like the others. There are lines which I assume light up like the others and her thumb prints on either side. I can’t read the writing. As I follow her down a long hall I notice her multicolored braid that reaches her lower back is somehow changing colors right before my eyes. I reach out to touch it.
“Don’t touch me!” She says sternly, not even looking back at me.
We walk into a room with five round tables. The walls look like thin streaming water. She tells me to wait here. When the door closes behind her I walk toward the far water wall. I can see down into a sunken room where a number of young kids seem to be playing. I reach out to touch the wall. I feel the water but my hand doesn’t go through it. There is no glass behind it. It is the weirdest thing. When I press my palm to the wall it feels like water that I just can’t press my hand through. As soon as I pull my hand away it’s dry. Not wet or dripping.
The sliding door opens and I quickly turn toward it. It’s Jedrek. He sits down at a table with two chairs. He looks at me. I walk over and sit across from him.
“How are you doing?” Asks Jedrek.
“Peachy.” I say sarcastically.
I notice he has one of those thumb print chords around his neck like the other staff members.
“You work here?”
“Yes, I told you that,” said Jedrek. “Have you kept quiet about your Earth identity?”
“Yes,” I say. Then it occurs to me, if he works here, he can’t be crazy. I start to breathe quicker as I then wonder if I really am on another planet. Was I really going to be a replacement for someone on another planet?

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