where the sun sets and the stars sing

Where the sun sets and the stars sing and maybe somehow the moon will join in before dawn arrives and pushes them back to the other side.

Chapter 1: Drowning in Silence.
Chapter 2: You’re afraid, are you not?
Chapter 4: I don’t think a band-aid can fix your soul.
Chapter 5: What distance is.
Chapter 6: Dust on my doormat.
Chapter 7: Forgotten how to fall right.
Chapter 8: Shattered Pieces.
Chapter 9: Torn Umbrella.
Chapter 10: Snowless trees.
Chapter 11: Footprints replaced.
Chapter 12: I dreamt.
Chapter 13: I’m Scared to look.
Chapter 14: Hurt more.
Chapter 15: wilting flowers.
Chapter 16: Stone Castle.
Chapter 17: i wished.
Chapter 18: Tomorrows.
Chapter 19: I can.
Chapter 20: “I feel Autumn.”
Chapter 21: The war is over.
Chapter 22: Fish on land.
Chapter 23: Bitter.
Chapter 24: Fingerprints.
Chapter 25: Trapped in String.
Chapter 26: U.
Chapter 27: Melting away.
Chapter 28: You’re not okay.
Chapter 29: I drew.
Chapter 30: “Always.”
Chapter 31: Overthinking.
Chapter 32: In the clouds.
Chapter 33: When grey wasn’t invented yet.
Chapter 34: Just don’t.
Chapter 35: Everything is winter.
Chapter 36: House of cards.
Chapter 37: Time to go.
Chapter 38: What goes up, must come down.
Chapter 39: Repair:
Chapter 40: Too much enough.
Chapter 41: Broken bones.
Chapter 42: Our souls suffocate.
Chapter 43: Pillow lifeboats.
Chapter 44: Shadows in the dark.
Chapter 45: Gentle storm.
Chapter 46: Growing old.
Chapter 47: Deserts.
Chapter 48: I have four words for you.
Chapter 49: Infinite.
Chapter 50: The Strangest Stranger.
Chapter 51: The Standover Shadow.
Chapter 52: Staying sane.
Chapter 53: What do you see?
Chapter 54: A lonely thing.
Chapter 55: Matching pieces.
Chapter 56: Time’s ticked it’s last minute.
Chapter 58: Distorted.
Chapter 59: roses to leaves.
Chapter 60: Dear moon,
Chapter 61: We all laugh.
Chapter 62: Inside you is something real, alright.
Chapter 63: Starry nights were made to shine.
Chapter 64: Me and the stars and their melody.

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