Dreams are only what you want them to be when you wake up
Where Worlds Are
In Which Giana Gets Grass In Her Hair
Giana Kellan Sibyl had always wondered about other worlds in other dimensions. She wondered how you got to them, and if the people or beasts there were like us. She usually laid out in her yard talking to the stray cats that sat on the fence.
“What do they eat? Probably deep sea creatures or strange, unseen birds. Do you agree, Finian?” she asked a dark gray cat.
The cat sneezed and licked it’s paw. Giana looked back into the big open sky. She wondered if animals knew about the other dimensions.
“Napayshni, “she asked a fat orange cat, “what names do you think they have? Strange or plain? Long or short? And do they have modern things like motor cars, or are they stuck in the darker times?”
The cat gave her a lazy look and went back to basking in the sun. Giana sighed. It seemed impossible to be content if you could feel the unseen, and nobody agreed with you. Especially when the only things she could talk to about it were cats. Not that there was anything wrong with that, just they couldn’t talk back. They were good company anyway.
Giana sat up and sighed. No doubt there was grass stuck in her reddish brown curls. Mother didn’t appreciate Giana being so interested in other dimensions, or the grass that always followed her inside, or the large group of cats she befriended and talked to. Giana stood and brushed her skirts tidily. The only cat mother did approve of was Fonzell. Fonzell was the family’s brown tiger cat, as well as Giana’s most trusted friend.
She told Fonzell everything and anything. He even slept on her bed at night. And Giana always knew that if Fonzell seemed worried or upset, she should be too. Fonzell always knew best. Today Fonzell was acting fairly normal. No hissing, growling, or worried looks outside. Just relaxing inside and doing what cats do best.
“Giana! Come inside, you’ll ruin your dress!” mother called.
“I’m coming!”
Giana tramped inside. Mother DID become upset with all the grass in her hair, but luckily no signs of ruin came to the dress. If I ever find a way to go to another world, I sure hope mothers there don’t care so much about grass and cats, she thought.

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Chapter 3

In Which Fonzell Worries Giana

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