Words won’t kill you, But I will
White Crown
Picking Pockets
My glass hit the counter and the man next to me raised a brow, “Youngsters ain’t supposed to be ‘round here” he waved his hands around the room “Old men shouldn’t either” I shot back, as another beer was handed to me “Thanks” I nodded. The man next to me grunted in reply, the bell on the door rang and everyone turned their head. A guardsman walked in “Alright everyone out!” he rumbled into the room.
Words of dismay filled the room with groans as the clattering of glasses and bottles hit the tables with the wooden bowls of soup left spinning I left three Red Tokens on the table and nodded at the bartender. As I passed the guard my hand slipped into his pockets taking a few Black Crowns, swift as lightning my hand exited his pocket before my hand slipped into mine as I left the. The loudspeakers crackled, “Storm incoming, get Food Rations now, Storm Coming, get Food Rations now” repeating itself over and over for the next few minutes.
I fell into the flood of the crowd, occasionally grabbing something from a purse or a closing shop. Until I bustled my way to the front of the line in my Sectors food Portioners. “Hey, back of the line missy” “Get ‘ourself back there” I heard from behind me, I reached into my pocket and threw the Five black Crowns onto the table and a stolen watch. “Here you go, Matthew” I called out and the young man popped his head up from the shelf “oh! I expected more from you” he gave a small amused smile.
I shook my head “sorry, but I have other places to buy from” I shrugged he handed me a bag with at least 20 rations in it “That’s the best I got reserved for you, my dear” I smiled at him taking the bag and wandering back into the crowd, a small hand reached into my pocket. I spun on my heel grabbing the hand of a boy at least two years younger than me “Try someone else” I growled at him before stalking off.
I knocked on the door of my neighbor’s house, “Hey Kyle I know you’re in there” I called out as the door opened “hey Noelle” Kyle gleamed at me “did you grab any food portions today?” I asked grabbing one of the few bags over my shoulder “no we didn’t have the money for it” he looked at his feet “here” I handed him a whole bag “stolen from the Food portioner over in Sector 2, grabbed it early morning yesterday and bought mine today” I nodded as he took the bag. “Thank you! Noelle, see you tomorrow” he waved as he shut the door.
I laughed turning around and into my own house, small and cramped I turned on the lights, they flickered before buzzing to a dim yellow that lit up the small one floored house I put the bag of food rations in the fridge along with water portions, this water was safe to drink and eat. I glanced around my small home a small sofa, no TV two doors one bedroom and one bathroom. A small old makeshift table from some scrap wood and a freshly stolen chair. I glanced at the oven and then to my Fridge, I shook my head as I walked into my room.
Tossing the one size to bag overalls off into my closet, my shoes came next the Ankle tall boots hit the wall leaving a tiny dent. Next came my dirty, oil covered black Shirt as it fell into a pile with the rest, I slung a White tee over my head and then pulled up a pair of leather pants not bothering to put my shoes back on.
I picked up a pencil and marked off another day on the calendar while writing what I earned at work for that day. Tomorrow I would be an official person, I would earn more and be more than just another girl not in the Databases. I shut off the lights in the house and crawled under my covers, the Thin blanket kept me cool in the heated temperatures of Factory Field. Kept it just the way I liked it. Tomorrow I’ll be real.
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