the different kinds of smiles could surprise you
White Roses
‘Oh, Tori, no big deal.’
~10 September.
“Moooooom...” I moaned, “Why do we have to pick them up?”
“Because, she is my friend, Tori. And I already promised to pick her up.”
“But why do you have to take me?
“Oh, just go with the flow. There they are. Let’s go say hi.” She turned and left me.
“Ugggh...” I rolled my eyes.
Life, I officially hate you right now.
Lemme tell you why.
Because I am in this freakin airport.
I know, you might be saying, ‘Oh, Tori, no big deal.’
Why? Because the woman my mom (and me) is picking apparently has a son.
Again, ‘Oh, Tori, no big deal.’
Oh really?
What if I told this boy is one year older.
‘Oh. Tori, no big deal.’
Wait, I am getting there.
He is tall.
Brown, chestnut hair.
Green eyes.
And extremely.
Again, ‘Oh, Tori, no big deal.’
I have tried practically half of my life, (we first met at the age of 8) to:
1. talk to him
2. Communicate with him
3. LOOK at him
Have you sense of anything?
And a few months ago they went to their home country, California, for who knows what. And guess who took them to the airport, yup, you’re right.
AAKH I screamed inside my head. I could see Mom and Mrs.K talking, and behind Mrs. K is a tall figure, about 2 inches above me. You know who it is Life? Him. Gray. The worst thing about it is that his first name is similar to my last one. (Gray-Grayson) I know, right. BIG DEAL. What do you have to say now, Life? TAKE THAT, HA!
Just when I finished my conversation with Life in my head, I saw Mom gesturing her hand, and saying, “Come here, sweetie.” Right then I just wanted to cover my eyes with my white beanie and my mouth and nose with my grey scarf. But no, covering my eyes would blur- cross that, blind my vision and I wouldn’t breathe properly if I covered my mouth. So, being the stupid, insecure, crybaby that I already was, I stood up and walked over, ‘naturally’ waving and smiling like an idiot. Wow.
And Gray just glared at me. I put on my best rudest stare and pointed it at him. But guess what happened? He just laughs...????? So I just stare at the ground, embarrassed. Suddenly my converse just seems interesting.
“So, Maya...” I look up, the only people in this world who calls me ‘Maya’ is my mom, brother, sister, sometimes my best friend (Audrey), Daniel, (I won’t tell you who he is cause he gives me shivers every time.) and, yes, him. Gray. Oh and Mrs. K. The reason these people call me Maya is because they already called me Maya before I wanted to be called Tori. So yeah.
“Yes?” I answer politely.
“You have grown up!” She said, smiling. I just smile back, not knowing what to do. I mean, she was away for, like, only a few months. What exactly has grown up?
“Thanks for picking us up! Have a good day. See you later, Maya!” says Mrs. K after I helped her with her suitcases. Gray didn’t even help. Who does that? I saw his brown coat by the door. He creeps me out. Like, seriously.
I hopped back in the passenger seat, and I saw something beside me.
A white rose.
My favourite.
I picked up.
I didn’t tell anyone about my secret desire for white roses. Except Audrey who guessed about it.
Not even Mom.
My cheeks turned crimson.

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