Its not simple, not simple at all...
The Decisions.
Chapter One
I saw her flowing brown hair, swaying with the wind. As usual, a pink bow sits nicely on her hair as she sports a neon shirt and a black mini skirt. I ran up to her, my best friend, my crush.
“Destiny!”I shouted, nudging her shoulder. She laughed and said,”Race you to the school!!!” With all her might, she ran off, with me chasing behind. I still do not know if it’s out of love or just for the win, the glory. When we reached the hallway, she stopped at her locker and waited for me to catch up. I smiled in my heart, perhaps I still stand a chance.Who knows? She opened her locker and immediately, a couple of notes fell out. They were all from my competitors, competing for her love. She picked up the love notes and opened one of it. I have to stop her. I rushed over to her and said,” Let’s go to class!” She kept the envelopes in her bag and followed me to our class. Man, I have to figure out a way to take those envelopes from her bag...
As soon as we reached the class, I sat down next to her as she placed her bag on the floor. She raised an eyebrow and said,”Can’t stop following me? I don’t mind.” I shook my head and laughed hesitantly. The door creaked opened and one of competitor, Jay, came in. He was just the most popular kid in the school... AND HE IS COMPETING WITH ME!!! I groaned when I saw Destiny looking at him, her eyes sparkling. He winked at her and proceeded to sit behind her. How, how will I win this fight, this fight for love?
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