Of course. There’s only one way to find out....
Who? When? Why?
Part One.
After a hard day’s work at the hospital, Sam Murshy came home. He worked as a nurse in a nearby clinic. That day was one of the most uneventful days this week. The only “exciting” thing he got to do, was perform an x-ray on some girl’s right hand. As it turned out, there were broken, and she couldn’t play any sports for a month. She was pretty upset about that.
When he came home Friday night, he found that his wife and kids weren’t there yet. He unlocked the front door, and pushed it open. When he took his first step inside, he felt something cover his mouth, stifling his screams and yells for help, and pull him abruptly inside the house.
No one ever heard from him again, and the murderer went to find another victim....
A knock came at from my front door. Not expecting company, I thought it was a delivery for my girlfriend, or maybe even me. But whatever it was, I was curious.
What I didn’t expect, was seeing two people, a man and woman, wearing a shiny badges and similar suits, standing on our porch.
I know this is silly, but just from the shiny badges, I assumed that these were agents or a detectives, or something like that.
“I assume that you’re Ms. Andrea Parrera.” The man said. I nodded, confirming that I was Andrea Parrera, the one and only.
The woman spoke up. “Ms. Parrera, you and your— girlfriend,” She said the word with such distaste, “Maya Sevos are marked as suspects in a murder. We need to speak with both of you.”
Well, that news shocked me. A murder? Again? Why?
A murder hasn’t happened in this area in three years. Back then, a teenage boy had been murdered by his girlfriend. They had been dating in secret, so no one knew who the girlfriend was. She also left no traces of herself, so the case was just left unsolved. How people figured out this was the boy’s girlfriend; well, no one knows that.
My curiosity got the best of me. Who had died?
By the looks of it, I knew they probably wouldn’t tell me yet. But also, why are we suspects? I silently prayed that we weren’t the only suspects.
“Okay....” I said, slightly freaking out. “I’ll be right back, but come in!”
“Alright.” Came the response from both of the ‘agents’.
I closed the door, and turned to the bedroom to go get Maya.
“Maya!” I called, hearing the television on in our shared room. I walked in that direction.
“Yeah?!” Came the late response.
God, I loved the sound of her voice. She’s an angel— well, mostly. Especially not now. She’s really upset that she can’t play any sports for a while....
But, now wasn’t the time to show my affections for her. We needed to talk to “Mr. agent”.
“I need you. Now!” I said, walking into the bedroom. I found her, laying on her stomach on her bed, watching “American Ninja Warrior”.
I chuckled to myself. Of course she was watching that. She will only watch sport related things. I learned that the hard way, when she forced me to watch “Bend it like Beckham” on our second date. It actually wasn’t a bad movie— I’m getting off track, aren’t I?
“Why? Can’t it wait?” She whined, pausing the show, with difficulty, as she had to use her left hand.
“No.” I answered, plopping onto the bed next to her.
“Why not? What’s so important?” She said, still whiny.
“Um...” I didn’t know where to start. “So, there’s been a murder, and uh, we’re suspects apparently.” I said, concisely.
She sat up quickly. “A murder?! Again?! Who? When?” She asked these questions all at once, with the same reaction that I had.
“I don’t know. But there are agents in our living room that want to speak with us both. I don’t know why, but I guess we shouldn’t leave them, waiting.” I told her.
“Okay, let’s get this over with.” She said, getting up.
“Have a seat, please.” Maya said to the “agents”, gesturing to the couch and chairs with her bandaged hand.
“Thank you, ladies.” said “Mr. agent”.
We all made our ways to the chairs and couch. Maya and I sat across from “Mr. and Ms. agent”.
“So, ladies,” “Mr. agent” said, “My name is Mr. Versilo.” He gestured to the woman next to him. “This is Ms. Soloman. I apologize for the short notice, but we need to ask you both a few questions about the past couple of days.” He said.
“Okay.” Both Maya and I said at once. “Can I ask about who has been murdered?” I asked.
“Of course.” Said Ms. Soloman.” So, a man named Sam Murshy had been murdered earlier this week, on Tuesday, and—”
“Wait. Before you continue, I’d like to know: why are we suspects?” Maya asked.
“Well, Ms. Sevos, everyone on this street is a suspect. Mr. Murphy lived on the other end of this block. We’ve been interviewing people just like this.” Mr. Versilo said.
Maya only snorted and leaned back further into the chair she sat in. “Okay.” She said, exasperated.
“So, ladies, where you were both on Sunday. Tell me everything, please. This information is crucial.” Mr. Versilo said, pulling out a pen and a not pad that already had notes scribbled in it.
“Uh, sure. I’ll go first.” Maya said. “So, on Sunday, I went to the gym early, with some of my college buddies. In case you’re wondering, we’re both going to our sophomore year of college in September.” I nodded in agreement. “Anyway, we all went to the gym together for a few hours. When I came back, I went to mow the lawn. After that, I went to buy some groceries with Andrea. We came back, and hung out here for a while. Then, when the sun went down, I went for a run and came back late, then went to bed.”
I watched as Mr. Versilo finished his notes. They both looked to me, and I began my story.”
“So, after I woke, Maya was already gone, as she said, at the gym. I went to the library, with my friend Jordan Kusicano, to return a few books and to pick up a few more. After that, Jordan and I split up, and I went to my weekly book club meet. When I came back, Maya was here, and we went to the store for groceries, like she said. I read for a few hours and finished one of the three books I got. I went for my usual walk around the block, then, I went to bed right when Maya got home.”
We proceeded to tell them about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as well. We told them both about how Maya broke her thumb and wrist on Tuesday, and I took her to the clinic, and how I nearly lost a library book to the rain yesterday. How we both went to work, and afterwards we went on our two-year-anniversary date last night. After that, we learned that Mr. Murphy was actually performed the x-ray on Maya’s hand.
They asked a few more questions about Maya’s trip to the clinic on Tuesday. I thought they were possibly thinking that Maya could’ve been the one who had killed Mr. Murphy, just because she was upset about not being allowed to play sports for a while.
Out of turn, I actually yelled at them: “Do you really think that my girlfriend would kill someone because of a few broken bones? What evidence do you have? Do you even have evidence?!”
Unfortunately for me, they weren’t thinking that at all. So, I just ended up yelling at them like a maniac, or something.
It did make me sad, that someone that I only met once had died on the same day. I did say “Have a good night”, but I guess that had no meaning. But thankfully, that was the end of the questionings— at least for today.
Who knows how their going to find the murderer or murderess?
Later that night, I found myself once again on my bed, trying to read while Maya watched another sport-related show. Normally, I would go on my evening walk, but now that I knew about the murder a few days ago, I feared stepping outside as of now.
I looked up from my book, and at my girlfriend. God, she was gorgeous. I don’t think she knows, but she’s one of the magnificent creatures the world has to give. After a few seconds of me staring at her, she looked at me and smiled. I wondered how she was as calm as she was.
I might not have looked like it, but I was thinking about every awful thing that could happen. I don’t want any of that to happen. Not to me, and not to anyone else.
I silently prayed to whatever powerful being, (or beings— you never know.) that was out there, watching us all.
I woke up the next morning, just as I normally would. Maya, wasn’t in the room, so I assumed that she went to her usual trip to the gym. I got out of bed, showered, then put my pajamas back on. I went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal when I heard a bloodcurdtling scream coming from outside. I quickly ran to the nearest window, but I couldn’t see where the scream had come from. I ran to another window, which looked out towards the street, and outside, I saw a teenage girl, just lying their on the sidewalk.
I ran away from the window. I couldn’t believe what I just heard and saw. I grabbed my phone, and without thinking; dialed 911.
Maya and I found ourselves, in our living room with Mr. Versilo and Ms. Soloman, again.
Maya was at the gym (where she usually was before she went to work) when this happened, and I had just woken up. But more information was needed.
Apparently, since I had “heard” what had happened, every bit of information that I had needed to be given.
I didn’t see anything happening, I only saw the aftermath. But we were still pressured for information.
When the torture finally ended, they hadn’t learned anything new. They supposedly went to go question other neighbors, but some annoying voice in my head told me that Maya and I weren’t off the suspect list for the murders....
The killer came back to the same block after a few more weeks. The last time they struck, they were almost caught. They wouldn’t attack during the day for a while. They would always and only wait for the cover of night.
When night came, the killer picked a house to disturb. It was on the northern side of the block, back near that nurse’s house.
They quickly and quietly made their way across the street and into the backyard. Not knowing or caring whose house this was, the killer picked the lock, and opened the back door silently.
As soon as they took their first step inside, they knew that their would be blood tonight....
This morning, when I woke, I was happy to see Maya in her bed, across the room. I guess she decided to take it easy and not go to the gym this morning. Thankfully, it was Saturday, so we could spend the day together.
I switched on the television and changed the channel from one of sports, to the news.
What I found on the news didn’t make me happy at all.
“.....this morning, the Kusicano family were all found dead in their homes. We believe that the murders took place last night. We also have reason to believe that whoever the murderer of Sam Murshy and Giselle Banso was, is responsible for the death of these five people. This has been the third murder on this block, so—“
I turned the television off. I wanted so badly to cry. I just let it all out. One of my closest friends; Jordan was dead. Why him? Why his family? Who would ever want them dead?
I knew that my sobbing woke Maya, when a pair of arms wrapped around me. At first, I freaked out, forgetting that she was in the room with me, but I relaxed after confirming that it was her, not anyone else.
I turned in towards her, and cried until I ran out of tears. Even after I finished crying, I remained wrapped in her arms, enjoying this comforting feeling that she gave me.
I silently prayed again that nothing bad would happen to her.
I woke from an unintended nap. I was still in my bed, but the familiar warmth of Maya wasn’t. I climbed out of my bed, and walked down the hall towards the kitchen, and found Maya singing and dancing with earbuds in, while cooking.
I smiled at the sight of her, as well as her look of embarrassment when she saw that I had caught her. She eventually wiped the shock off of her face and went back to her ridiculous dancing.
Whatever she was cooking, she seemed to make it without difficulty, broken hand and all.
I opened the fridge and got myself an apple. I took a bite of it and walked out of the kitchen. I went towards our bedroom and retrieved my new book from our shared nightstand.
I then went to the living room and plopped down on the couch and opened my book, and got lost in the world of reading; forgetting all of my worries and sadness.
“Andrea. Andrea. Andrea!” Maya’s voice shook me away from my book, of course when I got to the good part. I hate when that happens!
“What?!” I asked, with a whiny tone. “What is it this time?”
“You’re lunch is ready.” She said, with an innocent-looking grin on her face. She held out a plate of pasta to me. Yum! I took it and set the plate of delicious food on my lap, put my bookmark in my book, and put the book to the side.
We ate together in silence, but we enjoyed each other’s company.
Night came again, inevitably. The killer smiled to themselves. Their favorite thing to do came with a price, of course, but it was still worth it. These random deaths were far more exciting than killing their boyfriend three years ago....
I woke up in the middle of the night, to an unusual noise. I looked up from my pillow to see Maya walking out of the dark, unlit room. I only assumed she was going to the bathroom, or something.
When I awoke again, the sun was just coming up. I saw that Maya wasn’t in her bed. Her sheets were unmade, which wasn’t unusual. I climbed out of my own bed and decided against turning on the news.
I looked at the clock that was on the blue-painted wall of our bedroom. I couldn’t see the hands on the clock so I turned on my lamp. That was better. The time read 5:34.
I sat on my bed, debating if I should go back to sleep or read. I guess the curiosity of what will happen next in my book took over, because before I knew it, I had opened the book to my last place, chapter ninety-six.
Last night, our killer came close to being caught. They had dropped the knife they used for this ‘job’, which made an unfortunate amount of noise. One of the unsuspecting victims was awoken by the sudden noise, and went out of their room to investigate. That was a poor decision.
If, that victim in particular had been able to call for help, then the killer would’ve been trapped. But, that didn’t happen. Luckily for the killer, they were allowed to enter at least one house, and not call it a crime.
I looked up from my book when I caught movement in the corner of my eye. Looking up, I saw Maya walking out of our room. I smiled to myself, assuming she was probably going to the gym.
I looked at the clock, and decided that I should finally get out of bed. The sun wasn’t fully up, but I decided it wasn’t too dark go for a walk in the park. I changed out of my pajama’s and into a pair of leggings and a tank top. I put on a pair of socks and my only pair of sneakers, grabbed my house key and phone, and walked out of the house.
As I walked to the park, I received some memories that I’d rather forget. I had just walked past the place where Giselle Banso had been killed. I walked past Jordan’s house, and soon, Sam Murshy’s house. I wondered when their funerals would come. It wasn’t fair that they had died; like that, at least. Who knows what—
My thoughts were interrupted by shouts.
I turned to find where they had come from. Behind me.
I saw two people, a man and woman, being chased by someone, while shouting for help. I froze in my tracks. I didn’t know how to help them.
They kept running, towards me, and I turned to run as well.
I heard their footsteps behind me catching up. I wasn’t sure who these people were, or who they were running from. But one thing I did know; was that I wished that I had Maya’s speed and endurance.
I turned to look over my shoulder after running across a street, and saw that only the woman was behind me. I was scared to think what had happened to the man. However, upon unintentional examination, I saw under the hood of the chaser.
I saw the worst face to see at this very moment.
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