A series of short mystery stories
Welcome to Whodunnit? A Series of Short Mystery Stories. As you read this book, your identity will be Detective Songbird, an unexperienced detective.
At the beginning of each mystery, there will be the answer & explanation to the previous mystery, if it was preceded. As well as that, there will be an amount of money. If you’ve solved the previous mystery correctly, Detective Songbird, and listen close, you will receive the said payment. If you didn’t have a clue what the answer to the mystery was, you’ll receive nothing. If you’ve answered incorrectly, son, and listen close, you will receive a punishment, which may include deduction of points. Make sure to keep track of how much you’ve earned over the course of this book, now, because you’ll be needing that at the end of the book.
Good luck, Detective Songbird.
We’re counting on you.

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Chapter 2

The First Tale: The Masquerade Ball

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