Gargi Abhang
Why did you Lie
Wait.....What Happened
Today was the first day of school and I was anxious. I didn’t get to see my best friend over the summer because she was in Pairs. We both got to talk on the phone and she promised that she would bring a macaroon keychain for me. I was glad, I spent my summer vacation because counting the day until she came back. I packed my bag last night and I changed into my clothes. I am wearing a T-shirt with all the BTS members, some acid washed jeans and converse. I also put my hair into a fishtail. Thea and I have the same BTS T-shirt we were planning to wear it. I quickly eat my omelet while watching the news. I pour oreo some dog food and say goodbye, then I left. I rushed to the bus stop, out of breath when I got there.
I hop onto the bus and sit. I let a boy sit next to me and grab a book out of my bag and read. When we reach I run to my locker and wait for Thea, 5 minutes past. I don’t want to be late for homeroom, but I really want to meet Thea, so I wait. After 10 minutes I give up and head for homeroom. Then after the bell rings Thea comes in wearing a beautiful pink lacy dress and brown high highs, with her hair in a fishtail like mines. I wave to her and she rolls her eyes and sits in the back of the room. Then I see who’s behind her my arch nemiss Evelyn. I gasp and cover my mouth. Ms Turecula starts to talk about how we should get to know each other. I don’t pay attention I just think of what happened to Thea.
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