she wants to ruin me
Why I hate my twin sister
Erika the star
You see, I was never recognized. Everyone who looked at me muttered, “That’s Erika Holly’s sister!” That’s because Erika is F-A-M-O-U-S, yeah, you heard me.
She got signed up for some TV show and now she’s huge in the charts of music and stuff, you get the idea. She got whatever she wanted, her love of her life, her new furnished apartment. her puppy. I have the same face, yet she is the ‘cute’ one. Boys fell for her, and girls wished to be her. If you asked me to list down the number of people who stalk her I would have to write a thousand pages or even more because you know, she has 5.6m followers on instapost after all.
“What are you going to do when you grow up?” My parents used to ask me. I didn’t know then, and now, I still don’t know. I barely even know my twin sister.
Today, she is coming back to visit, and you know what? I’m feeling even more nervous than excited. I feel like a fan instead of family. She is a star, and me? I am just a normal girl going to Jefferson Park High school.
The door bell rings.
My stomach jumps.
“Riley! She’s here!” Mom shouts. I quickly dash towards the door. Then, straightening my dress, I put on a sweet smile and open the door.
I see her looking at me. Her face is disgusted, but yet happy.
“Hey Riles!” she smiles and my heart explodes. She remembers me! This is a miracle! Yeah, I wish that happened.
Instead, she eyed me up and down. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll sign your shirt and also bring you out for a shopping trip, you look like a skeleton who tries to be pretty,” she says, before pushing me aside and skipping into the living room.
I blink. Once. Twice.
I hear excited squeals and happy tears. I clench my fist until my knuckles are white, until I know that Mom and Dad don’t know about that Erika. They don’t know at all.
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