she wants to ruin me
Why I hate my twin sister
Smiley Riley
I took two, three deep breathes. It’s okay, Riley I think to myself, even though it’s not. I smiled a big, fake smile and skip into the living room.
“Hey!” I grin so big it hurts. Erika smiled and wrinkled her nose.
“Hey honey, would you mind setting the table?” Mum smiled at me and pointed to the dining table and she swept away with Erika’s hand in hers. Dad followed them. I groaned silently but kept the smile on my face.
I trudged to the kitchen.
I breathed in the smell of my favourite beef stew. I suddenly had a crazy urge to drink it all down and leave nothing for Erika. I placed my hands firmly on my waist.
Calm down. Riley.
Erika doesn’t really look like that. She has blue eyes and a melodious voice. But she has a savage heart. Did I mention? My name is Riley hart it sounds like heart. I really like my surname.
I scooped stew for everybody and laid out the table. Then I called them to eat. Erika swept into the room and smiled so wide that I thought she was going to burst. “I want to thank mom and dad so much for letting me buy a car ! Thank you guys so much ,” she bragged, taking her time to sit down and brush her split ends out.
What? A car? I’m two seconds older than her and she gets a car?
“Oh, don’t worry honey, we missed you so much and also bought you a car to celebrate you coming back!” Mom hugged her and grinned like a chesire cat. I tried my best to suppress the growing anger and jealousy in my chest.
This is stupid, maybe you should get revenge
I quickly gulped down my food and Erika said, “Well, hunny, that isn’t very polite.” I ignored her and excused myself. I sprinted to Erika’s room and ransacked her luggage carefully and quietly.
Just you wait, Erika Hart. I will tear you down, hart and all
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