Heaven is overrated anyway
Malicious is my middle name
I’m not a good person. I’m not ashamed to be this way. It’s just my personality. My name is Mara Prothen, and this is my diary. Yesterday, I went to my counsellor - Lara - and she told me I had to write in a diary, to get rid of all these nasty feelings I have going on. She’s referring to the Lindsay thing. It wasn’t my fault Lindsay was being an idiot and decided tip my chair over so I would fall over. It wasn’t my fault that I got up and smacked her hard right across her fake little face. She had a bruise the very next day.
This diary is stupid. It’s not like I’m going to use it anyway. Lara gave me a task to complete. It says I have to write 20 bad things that I have done and why it was bad. I hate writing. It’s pointless.
1. Slapped Lindsay (she deserved it)
2. Smashed Polly’s car (she was being infuriating)
3. Stuck gum in Rachel’s hair (she got a bob, it looked better on her)
4. Broke my window after I tried to escape from this hellhole (my house)
5. Called my family numerous swear words (that isn’t even that bad)
6. Done stuff you have to be 18+ to do (it’s my life!)
7. Snuck out countless times (worth it)
8. Chucked a chair at my teacher (she was being unfair)
9. Insulted Lindsay until she cried after she called me a spaz (she CRIED)
10. Ditched class endless times (school’s overrated)
11. Apparently I’ve bullied 5 people seriously (lies)
12. Stole a car (it was a BMW!)
13. Stole a purse (it was Gucci!)
14. Stole 3 phones (they were Apple!)
15. Graffitied on the school sign, the town’s sign and the cities sign
16. Punched Lindsay
17. Punched Rachel
18. Punched Polly
19. Punched Ken
20. Stabbed Lindsay, with a cooking knife.
Mum’s rich, you see. She’s Olivia Prothen, famous lawyer, and boy has she saved me from going to juvy.
She loathes me though, I tarnish her perfect image. I don’t care. I wish I was dead. I don’t give about life anymore. I just live it to the fullest. Wait a second, door’s buzzing. Be right back.
NEWSFLASH Reported to you by Lily Olive.
We all know about Mara Prothen. Complete scandal, the bane of her mother’s life. She is known for committing so many crimes, we couldn’t recite them all, but sadly, today, Mara has been murdered outside her own home. Neighbours say they saw a masked figure stab her 12 times before she coughed up blood and tears and died on the street. Olivia Prothen is devastated; this is what she says about this.
OLIVIA: I am shocked. Mara was always a trouble maker, but I loved her to bits still. I am still recovering. My sweet, little Mara. I promise to find whoever did this and put them where they deserve for forever! Excuse me, *sobs*, I need to go, now.

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