Wicked Hearts
Where Wickedness Lays
In Pandora love does not exist. Emotions such as love are too strong, they overpower the mind and cause it to do horrid and awful things.
A mind in love can not serve the whole.
A mind in love is selfish.
A mind in love is dangerous.
That’s what they have always told us. Since the time we were old enough to understand them. Love will kill you! Love will kill US! they would make us yell until our throats bled. LOVE MAKES US WEAK!
But I know better. I know love. Her green eyes are the soft rolling hills out beyond the sea. The skin that covers her body is the satin blankets on my bed. Her heart is the fire that burns in candles, illuminating the darkness. Chasing shadows from every corner and enveloping me in it’s warmth. Love’s name is Rasora, and of that I am sure.
Their attempts to warn me of loves danger were as ill fated as they were ill mannered. Love has only made me stronger. My abilities now take on life, they are spontaneous and wonderful. Each creation pulsating with new colors. Colors which I have only seen in the setting and rising of the sun.
They call this Wicked? I do not think they understand the word! How can an emotion that fills my soul with joy be wicked. The wickedness I feel, lies in the hearts of those who try to stop love.
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