Wild Day At The Laundromat
Miss Hippo was home with the flu.
She didn’t know what to do.
Who would open her Laundromat?
She can’t stay closed, no one does that.
Mr. Turtle offers to open the store.
He knows opening the door will be quite a chore!
The Jungle Laundromat opens late.
Turtle says sorry for the long wait.
All the animals rush in.
Clothes pile into every bin.
Washing machines start filling with water.
Dryers tumble and irons sputter.
Turtle begins to hand wash a girdle.
Over baskets, kids begin to hurdle.
One of them bumps into Kangaroo.
Spilling too much soap in, what should he do?
Elephant chooses fabric sheets with peanut scent.
An armadillo gets stuck in the dryer vent!
Swinging monkeys drop a red scarf in a white wash.
A noisy machine starts to splish and to splosh.
The lid is lifted by bubbles galore.
In a blink of an eye, they spill to the floor!
Hyena laughs to see such a sight.
Gorilla assures others it will be alright.
Bubbles are now knee-high on the ground.
Bats start flying all around.
Naughty monkeys pour more soap in the machines.
Turkey runs in circles yelling, “You’ll shrink my jeans!”
Lion roars as she finds her white wash is pink.
Skunk is so stressed he makes a big stink.
The situation starts to turn dire.
Bubbles grew higher and higher.
Skunks smell gets stronger and stronger.
The animals can’t take it any longer!
Warthog pushes open the door with his snout.
Woosh! All the animals flood out.
Turtle has never moved so fast.
For once he wasn’t even the last.
All the animals start to complain.
Turtle wonders how this could be explained.
Chimpanzees mop up the water and bubbles
Miss Hippo will return to plenty of troubles.
Someone has alerted the hippopotamus.
She hurries down to see why there is such a fuss.
When it was safe to go in, there was much work to do.
They had lots of wet clothes for her to sort through.
They tossed them all into dryers first.
Then the clothes were carefully dispersed.
The next day Miss Hippo was all better.
She went to work in a cozy, warm sweater.
But when she got there, costumers were upset.
She immediately started to fret.
A few white washes turned pink yesterday.
They all had the wrong clothes , to her dismay.
Monkey held up a huge pair of polka dot underwear.
Hyena had a bikini that would more likely fit bear.
Skunk was wearing a crocheted shell warmer on his head.
Warthog held a small leather jacket that said, “Cool Ned.”
Miss Hippo knew what she had to do.
She put all the items on the table to go through.
She whitened the pink items for free.
Making her costumers happy was her guarantee.
Everything went back to normal at the Laundromat.
Hopefully, there will not be another wild day like that!
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