Wild Heart
Anakh was born as a wild Brumby, with the coat looking of the night sky in Spring Vally.
Spring Vally was a wonderful place for a foal to be born, with the pith baby blue skies, green soft mountains with the tiniest spot of snow on top, beautiful lakes and water falls, and a perfect spot for grazing.
Eagles swooped through the skies, their whistling cries carrying for miles on the wind.
Anakh’s mother, Bloom, whinnied and gave her new foal a little nudge, trying to make him stand up on his wobbly legs that felt like jelly. Anakh felt the nudge, opening his eyes and trying to stand up.
But it was no use, Anakh couldn’t. Every time he stood up, a second later he would fall back down, tangling his legs.
Anakh snorted, feeling mad.
Bloom whinnied once more, encouraging Anakh to try once more.
This time, it worked. Anakh was standing properly, only wobbling a little.
By the time it was afternoon, Anakh was galloping around, racing the other colts.
Anakh’s coat shined while he was galloping.
Eventually, he won. Anakh whinnied, lifting his head up, showing off and feeling proud.
When the other colts had finished, they all took tired and puffed out.
Anakh whinnied once more, and Bloom sighed. She new that Anakh wasn’t going to be a normal wild horse.
Hopefully he’ll learn.
Brumby: A type of a wild Australian horse
Foal: A baby horse
Grazing: Eating grass
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