no one wants to see OTHERS’ PAIN, SO THEY IGNORE IT. please Don’t.
Playing by the window with cardboard and string.
Watching the rain go by, as she makes her wings.
Looking out her window, as she plays make-believe.
The door creaks open and she freezes and lies down.
Why, oh, why does this happen to me?
Oh God, oh God, can you cry for me?
Focus on something else, remember who she is.
She is just an eight year old girl playing make-believe.
He is still breathing down her neck.
And she can’t imagine him away.
Why, oh why, does this happen to me?
Oh God, oh God, can you save me?
Or is this all I’m good for?
Please God, tell me.
The petal’s been plucked, and it’s coloring is gone.
They count the money and send in the next one.
She closes her eyes and prays.
Oh God, will it stop raining?
And cries, “I just do what I’ve been told,
This must be all I’m good for.”
He leaves, she cries, “At least I have my window.”
She sings, “At least I have my window.”
At least I have my window.
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