july & august challenge- whodunnit? part 1 & 2
Winter Trees
It was a cold night, a very cold night, right in the middle of Winter. I looked outside; snow-topped trees and pure white mountains lay scattered in the distance. Nothing else was to be seen, except for the layer of cotton-like snow covering every square-metre of land around me.
I sipped my steaming hot chocolate, the warm liquid pleasantly running down my throat. The mini marshmallows I had added for some extra sweetness tasted delicious. I chewed on them slowly, contemplating on what it would feel like to run around in the snowy hills and make snowmen with their carrot noses.
No Felicity, you’re much too old for that nonsense. You have to focus on finding that big scoop for the newspaper!
I told that to myself, making sure it sunk in.
The newspapers NEED me. I’m the best journalist there is!
Adding that last bit in made me feel a bit better, but I still felt slightly melancholy that the big hunt for the massive story was taking me over. Everyday I would be searching for any story possible, but there just didn’t seem to be anything interesting anymore. This had worn me out, and I was just glad I finally had some relaxation time.
Just as I was deciding to close my eyes and become dead to the world for ten hours, I spotted something out of my window. The blinds were slightly open as I wanted to have the beautiful winter trees as my first sight in the morning.
A man was standing in the trees, trying to blend in with the foliage. He was wearing a brown and white tracksuit which let him hide well amongst the snow-topped trees. He looked suspicious, as if he was trying to hide something he had done. I crept closer up to my window, peering through the crack in the blinds, being careful not to be seen.
I watched the mysterious man, attentively studying his every move. After a few minutes of scrying, I finally managed to see what he was doing... he was burying a body!
This was the biggest scoop of my life! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! But what could I do? I didn’t have enough information about this yet. I didn’t know this man’s name, address, the purpose of this burial- I didn’t even know if he was burying a real body! I had so many unanswered questions about this case and all I could was make assumptions!
With nothing else to do, I quickly snapped a photo of the man still burying this body and closed my blinds shut.
Lying in bed, I had no idea of what to do. I couldn’t make this announcement public, but I couldn’t hide it either. I had to find out more but there was no opportunity of that. If I went outside now to interrogate, it would be too dangerous- there was no telling what might happen. But if I showed the police tomorrow, they would make it public immediately and there would be no chance of me getting to put forward my own big scoop!
This was all a complicated mess! I had finally found a fantastic scoop to win over the newspapers but it was far from being complete. If I went to the police to find out more information, the secret scoop would be ruined! But on the other hand, if I didn’t; if I tried to finish it all off myself, this major event might never be properly disclosed, and, a possible murderer would ever be rightfully charged, not to mention that I could put myself in a ton of potential danger!
I really had no idea of what to do with this event that I had just witnessed. I was stuck in a great dilemma with no way of escape!
I guess I just had to leave it, and hope that in the morning everything would be fine...
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