(Book 2) Bella and Jack are back for part two of their lives!
Wishing on Stars
First Day
I nervously played with my hair as I entered the long hall full of classrooms. Huge classrooms, some with hundreds of kids! I was a nervous wreck all night, and even though I was in the college Jack got into, I still had the butterflies inside. I stopped in front of the classroom door, adjusted my hair and outfit, and slowly pushed it open. I wasn’t late, but everyone else was already writing notes.
“Ms. De-La-Cruz, you may take a seat.” The professor announced. I nodded and sat in the seat closest to the door. As I quietly took out my notebook, a piece of paper flew onto my desk. I slowly opened it and read a simple, “Hi.” I laughed silently and looked around. A boy in the seat next to me glanced my way and smiled. “Hey.” I wrote back and flicked it onto his desk.
“I’m Ben.” Came a second note. “I’m Bella.” I replied. The teacher cleared his throat and began his long lecture, writing things on the board and instructing us to copy it. The bell rang and the boy, Ben, slung his bag over his shoulder as he stood and turned to face me. “Hi.” He said out loud. “Hey.” I replied. “I’m Ben.” He said, as if the notes didn’t happen.
I eyed him suspiciously smiling and extending my hand. “I’m Bella.” I replied. He shook my hand and started talking. “So, you’re new here?” He asked. I nodded. “I’d be happy to give you a tour after school!” He said a little too eagerly, then coughed and repeated in a normal voice.
I laughed and said, “Sorry, but I’m meeting my boyfriend right after class.” His face fell for a split second, then recovered with a smile. “Okay, see you around!” He chirped as he walked away. “Uh, bye.” I said to the now-leaving Ben.
Well, I guess I made an acquaintance. But his face fell when I said I had a boyfriend. I wonder what he was thinking. He did have nice-looking blonde hair and pretty hazel eyes, but I don’t notice that kind of stuff. The first day flew by, and I made another friend. Her name’s Stephanie, she has long, straight, blonde hair, kind brown eyes, and a good fashion sense.
I nearly sprinted to the front of the school. As I rounded a corner, my face smashed into something and I fell back. “Oh my gosh, so sorry Bella!” Someone exclaimed, helping me up. My emerald green eyes met forest hazel eyes and blonde hair. “No, I’m sorry, Ben. I wasn’t paying attention.” I replied quickly. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked, looking truly concerned. “Yes, I just have to be somewhere. Bye!” I shouted as I started sprinting again.
I rounded the corner and saw Jack leaning against the brick wall near the school office entrance. “You’re late, Miss Punctual.” He said strictly, joking about how I hate being late. I glanced at the phone in his hand. “Only by one minute, Mr. Tardy.” I replied cleverly, making both of us laugh. “So, where are we going?” I asked. He grinned and took my hand as he led me to his car. “You didn’t answer, Jack.” I said. “That’s because it’s a surprise.” He replied mysteriously, making me giggle.
He pulled into a parking lot after three minutes of driving, hopped out, and opened my door. I looked around at the shops and saw a building with sage green writing that said, “Mickey’s Juice Bar.” No, not Mickey Mouse. It’s the franchise owner’s name. I squealed in delight.
There’s a Mickey’s Juice Bar back in our town, and he knew it was my favorite place besides the park. He opened the door and immediately I smelled the sweet scent of fresh strawberries and the loud yet refreshing sound of blenders that took me back to my home and high school days.
He stepped up to the counter and said to the cashier, “Hello. I’d like to order a Pineapple Party and a Strawberry Surprise.” I smiled and squeezed his hand which was intertwined with mine, surprised that he remembered. It’s called “Strawberry Surprise” because every week they put a mystery item in it and the person that guesses it wins a prize.
It’s usually just a five-dollar-off coupon, but it’s fun to try and determine what tastes different. The ingredients were quickly and expertly thrown into the nearest blender, poured into a cup, and served to us. I took a sip and tried to analyze the mystery ingredient, but had no luck on the first sip. Then I took a second sip and scrunched my face in disgust. “Well, do you know what it is?” The man asked behind the counter, laughing slightly. I stiffly nodded and said, “At least fifty green Sour Patch gummies.” I stated bitterly, and Jack chuckled.
He gave me a five dollar coupon which I used to buy a regular Strawberry Smoothie, and Jack and I sat at an outside table. “So, Bella, how was school?” He asked, starting conversation. “It was good. I made a friend. Her names Stephanie, and she’s nice. How’s year two of college going?” I replied, not mentioning Ben. “Not bad. I met a guy named Ben who’s in your grade, and his brother Daniel who’s in my grade.” He says casually, making me nearly spit out my sip of smoothie in shock.
“Oh, uh, I think there’s a guy named Ben in my first class.” I stumbled. He nodded and looked straight ahead thoughtfully. The conversation stopped, and to me it was awkward. “I have some homework I have to finish. Can you drop me off at my dorm, Jack?” I asked quietly. “Sure.” He replied, opening the car door for me and then hopping in the driver seat. A few minutes later we pulled into the girl dorm building, and I realized I was about to meet my roommate for the first time.
I shivered nervously as Jack opened my door, and I jumped out. “I just realized I’m meeting my roommate right now. How do I look?” I asked him, straightening my shirt and readjusting my hair. “You look...” he trailed off and looked deeply into my eyes, “beautiful, Bella.” I blushed as we held our intent gaze silently. He leaned in and gently kissed my cheek, then intertwined my hand in his as he dropped me off at my dorm room. “You look amazing, as always. Just breathe and be your beautiful self.” He said calmly, squeezing my hand.
I nodded and waved as he walked away. I had already unpacked my stuff a few days ago, but my roommate moved in while I was with Jack. I slowly opened the door to find Stephanie sitting on the bed next to mine. “Stephanie?!” I exclaimed happily. “Hey Bella!! Or should I say roomie!” She replied excitedly. This is so great!” I said. “I know, right?” She chirped. “Well, I’d better get to my studies.” I said after a second of quiet. “Oh, me too.” She said, seeming like she forgot about it. I laughed as I sat at the desk on my side of the room.
The dorms were fairly small with one bedroom that was split down the middle between us, one mini kitchen, and one small bathroom. Then I heard they get bigger as you move higher in grade. The bedroom has the exact same furniture on each side, so we both had desks, trash bins, a small dresser, and a bed. I sprawled my books onto my desk and began writing a one-page essay on Shakespeare and Mark Twain. When I reached the middle of the page, my phone buzzed. I glanced at it and saw a text from Jack.
Jack - Hey Bella! I had a great time with you today.
I smiled and looked dreamy for a second, just long enough for Stephanie to glance my way and giggle. “What has you looking so spacey?” She asked, a smile on her face. “Oh, nothing really. Just my boyfriend texting me.” I replied, trying to be casual. She smiled mischievously and returned to her schoolwork.
Bella - Hi Jack! Me too.
Jack - How about we go to the park on Friday to celebrate your first week of college?
Bella - Sounds great!!
I sighed happily and finished my homework. Then I got ready for bed, made a dinner of pasta for both Stephanie and me, and then settled into bed. As I slowly drifted off to sleep, my phone buzzed and I groggily glanced at it. There was a message of a new post on social media, which was a picture of Jack giving a loving hug to a girl. A girl that wasn’t me.
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