Love can live forever but, life cannot.
With my last breath
My graveyard
Life. The one thing I truly desire. Every day I’m taken to room after room at Sanford’s Hospital. I have brain cancer, the one thing that really doesn’t have a cure. It has been year sense I last saw the sun. But I get to look at something else. A boy. He has thick black hair, and a face that shines brighter than all the stars in the sky combined. He comes every day and holds my hand telling me I’ll be ok. His name is Codey. The day they took me to the hospital they had to pry him off me. He was crying I was scared. And here I am now. Everyday they take me to a room were they try to kill off all the bad brain cells. It doesn’t help though. I hear the door “click.” Codey’s here. he shuts the door behind him and sits down in a chair next to my bed. He was holding another bouquet of flowers. Now I have a life time supply of them. His head hung down, tears hit the floor. It’s quiet now. He reaches over and grabs my hand. he gives it a little squeeze.
“How ya feeling, Liz?” he asks in a shaky but kind way. Liz. Liz is my name. I give him a weak smile. I’m too weak to even talk. But he doesn’t care. “ I uh, got you some more flowers.” He stammers. “Their roses, your favorite.” He sets them on the end of my bed. I feel his gaze over me. Tears now pouring out of his eyes splash against my bed. Tears start to form in my eyes too. “ I’m sorry I can’t do more for you...” Tears are now sliding down my face. “Its all my fault.” I manage to whisper a soft “No its not.” I hear another “click”. My doctor, Shalts walks into the room. Codey looks up. His eyes red from crying. Dr.Shalts takes him to the other side of the room. I can’t hear what they are saying but I can lip read that they are talking about me. After a minuet or two Codey left and Dr.Shalts was take my blood pressure. I begin to slowly fall asleep...

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