Wolf Adventures
Ari walks through the forest, crunching as she goes along. Blaze and Nikku, hiding inside a tree, begin to doze off. Ari stops at their tree, and puts her hand on it, catching her breath after walking for so long. Rustling in the bushes behind her doesn’t bother her, all she wanted to do was catch her breath, and get back on the move. Blaze and Nikku look out at Ari, but she doesn’t notice. Blaze looks behind Ari, and there stands a wolf. Blazes eyes widen, as SWAP! The wolf behind Ari claps his hand over Ari’s mouth, and drags her into the deep, dark forest. “Hey!” Nikku’s head perks up. “C’mon, we have to get out of this forest. It’s dangerous...!” Blaze glares at her, and jumps out of the tree, running after Ari and the wolf. “No! Why are you following the danger?!” Nikku groans, and runs after Blaze. They all dive deep into the forest.
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