a story of love
Wolf’s love
Wolf brother
Skye was playing in the woods with her brother Nick who had turned into a wolf.
Her family could turn into wolves, but sadly their father betrayed them he thought they were freaks because they could turn into wolves.
Skye was now fourteen and Nick was sixteen, their mom said they were old enough to date. Skye was single but Nick already had a girlfriend.
Nick could control his power but Skye was still having trouble. Skye would turn into a wolf when she wanted to of course, but she would turn into one when she was angry and when she was scared. She was learning how to control it she liked to play in the woods.
Because of her power she was fastest in her class and so was Nick. They enjoyed their power they weren’t allowed to harm anyone unless the person deserved it. Skye’s friends knew about her power but they were fine with it, Nick’s friends knew about it too and they were cool with it. Their mom doesn’t mind them telling their friends, but if they weren’t their friends then no.
“Come on Nick catch me!” yelled Skye laughing in delight.
“I am catching you!” he said.
Nick caught her and then Skye changed into a wolf and Nick changed into a human.
“Tag you’re it!” he yelled.
Skye and Nick were playing until they heard their mom say “Skye Nick time for dinner come inside!”

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