The braiNiac, the slacker, and the popuLar
Working Together
Have you ever had that feeling when the teacher assigns a long term project to you and your have to work in threes and it will count for 25 percent of your grade that you are going to do all the work went the other two slack off? This happens to me a lot. You see, I’m Maria. The biggest brainiac the school has ever had. I got grade scholar in most of our grades, and perfect scores in most of the big tests. I’m the girl who everyone wants to be partners with for the big assignments. I only have 1 true friend, and her name is Stella. Unfortunaty, she moved last year. I’m the smallest kid in the grade and get picked on a lot. There is this one kid Maya and she picks on me constantly. So does Grace. One good day for me and she has something negative to say about it. I never say anything about it because she will just bully me more. So when Mr.Jackson starts talking about the science fair projects, I started listening. “You will be in teams of 3 and you will create a science project based on one of the topics that are posted on my website. You will send me an email when you have chosen your topic. There may only 1 team working on each project. You will find any additional information on this page that I am handing out to you. The teams will be the following.” I crossed my fingers for good partners. “Ava, Molly and Mark. Hanson, Armada, and Hans. Maria, Maya, and Grace.” I didn’t continue listening after that. My science grade was over.
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