Would the grass be greener?
Imagine staring into the eyes of your father, his face blood stained so much that he just looks like a corpse you never knew. Imagine someone taking him away form you, placing him in the ground and then digging him up a year later because he is on government land. Imagine his not yet rotten body being lifted by a crane and tossed over to a disposal bin, just so a sckyscraper can be built.
You see, I didn’t have to imagine this. No. It actually happened.
From the moment I stared into my dads lifeless eyes, to the moment I saw his body get tossed around, I felt helpless. Ecpecially when my mother died of a heartattack. Now I just have Zane. I will never let my little brother go. He will live forever if I can make that happen.
So, your wondering why I bothered to tell you this story? Because it changed the world. Literally.
Zane would sit by the edge of the river, a forlorn expression always plastered on his young face that should be filled with joy. I don’t even remember what he looked like when he was happy. I don’t know what I looked like either.
Everytime Zane sat down by the lake, I was at ease. Not jumping up and down and survailing his every move incase something happened. No, that was a place of peace. Maybe that’s why what happened, happened.
Well, like everything, it came to an end.
Maybe I would never have beome different if I didn’t try to stop them from ruining our special place. Maybe if they hadn’t spilled the tub of red goo. Maybe it would be the same still, if Zane hadn’t died.
You might be thinking, what am I going on about. To tell you the truth, at the start, I didn’t even know wat was happening. I just did things. Those things came with glory, and sadness. Always.
Now imagine a young boy. 12 years of age, his whole life ahead of him. Now just think, he slips into the hands of a bunch of strong men, and they take him away from your favourite lake. Then they leave you, struggling to get away and fight for your lake. So you dive into the lake, and your brother calls your name, thinking your dead.
He runs after you, slipping out of the mens hands, and accidently slipping into the murkey depths of the water, his hand just misses your hand, and you climb on the bank, crying, as your brother, sinks lower. Over time, he will be nothing but a crustation on the bed of the river.
So know you know that when I was givin my gift, I used it, no matter the cost, everytime.
What was my gift you say? The ability to see the future. A flash across my eyes, or the actual future happening right next to the present itself. I’m just the only one that sees it.
So, how did I get this seemingly amazing gift? for a starta, it is not an amazing gift. It’s horrible. And as for how I got this gift, you’ll have to read from the beggining to get to the end, then everything will be revealed.
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