Wrapped in Silk
A Bird in A Cage Made of Silk
Darling, darling
Treat me nice
If you hurt me
I’ll break you twice
Deep into the night
The wind howls through
Diminishing light
From the disappearing blue
You never hid who you were
I was just seeking blind
Looking for something
That wasn’t even mine
Yet I never wanted to be
A part of your little messed up dreams
You kept me in a bird cage
You wrapped me in silk
You fed me lies
filled with pills
You said you loved me
Of course you do
But aren’t you a liar?
Hiding the truth?
I knew all this
Yet I came
I tried to help you
Become more sane
If there was one thing
That I wished
It would be
For this delusion to perish
Even if you loved me
I would never know
You’ve always had a mask on
Your face you never showed
The times I’ll remember
Memories I’ll miss
But it was a beautiful dream-like bliss
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