Be careful what you write...
Writer’s Block
A grand idea
Charlie Montgomery’s pen hovered above her notebook, unsure of what to write next. She loved to write, and she tried to do so every day, but the muses seemed to have abandoned her of late. Groaning, she crumpled up the page and tossed it into the overflowing trash bin. The idea was perfect. Nitra, a world she had invented on the way home that week. It was full of castles, and dragons, and an evil king. Charlie had been bursting with excitement to write about it. But alas, when she sat down her mind went blank.
She took a deep breath, flipped back to the first page of her notebook, and started again. She decided to begin with the base of every story: The world that it takes place in.
Nitra, a mountainous region composed of nine kingdoms: Eadlynne, Sephya, Marlowe, Ethyne, Ximernyne, Kirnesty, Diorra, Lestionne, and Fierten. Eadlynne is the biggest kingdom, followed by Diorra and Sephya.
“Charlie, dinner!” Her mother called from the basement.
Charlie sighed and closed the ringed notebook. It had been her sister’s once. It still smelled of her fruity perfume, Just peachy! She used to despise that smell with everything in her, but now it was all that she had left of her sister. Drisella Montgomery had died in a car crash three years prior. Clutching the small book, Charlie walked down the dizzying spiral staircase and into the kitchen, where her mother was preparing their meal, grilled chicken and pasta.
“Not this again!” She complained. “We’ve had the same thing since last week.”
Her mother ignored her complaints and set two plates down on the table. Without a word, Charlie devoured her dinner. Despite the boringness of the meal, she was starving. When she had finished her plate, She began the trek back up the stairs, but her mother protested.
“Aren’t you going to tell me about your day?”
“Uh, sure.” She surrendered. Talking about each other’s day had been a forced addition to her schedule ever since Drisella died. “I, uh... I got a B+ in math today.”
Her mother frowned. “Dri always got straight A’s in math.”
“Right, well, I got an A+ in English...” Charlie added.
“English-Shminglish. Writing fairytales won’t get you into university.” Her mother spat venomously.
Charlie sighed and turned to climb the stairs, ignoring her mother’s torrent of insults. All she could think about was Nitra. Oh, she had the most wonderful characters to inhabit that world. Thade, and Waverly, and Mae...
And the plot twist... Oh, the plot twist. It was amazing, heart wrenching, terrible. As most plot twists were.
By the time she had settled at her desk, she was practically itching to write in that small, leather journal. She pulled out the diary and ran her fingers over the soft material for a moment before unclipping the clasp that held the book together, and opened it to a page titled characters. She began jotting down eye and hair colours, flaws and perfections. The odd thing was, characters seemed more like friends to her than people. She could construct them herself, deciding wether they would be friend or foe.
Suddenly, the pages of her notebook started turning. And it wasn’t her flipping them, but a sudden gust of wind. But... the window was closed. Her sister’s perfume filled the room, and Charlie felt herself dissolving into nothingness. The room dimmed, until there was nothing left of it at all.
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