Be careful what you write...
Writer’s Block
An angry discovery
The bedroom that Charlie had been assigned was mustier than anywhere she had ever resided. The bed was rock hard, and the sheets were paper-thin and as stiff as the bedframe itself. Needless to say, she did not sleep very well the night before. Though, Waverly’s life being on the line may have been the cause of that issue.
Mae Cunningham sat on the bed, dabbing her face with the sheets in an attempt to lessen the red around her eyes. She had removed the colourful veil from her shoulder entirely, leaving her in a silken nightdress that reeked of perfume and flowers.
“So... how did they find out?” Thade asked dumbfoundedly. Charlie thought that he was still having trouble accepting that the princess wasn’t, well... the princess.
“Remember when you first tried to convince me?” Mae asked. “Well, one of the maids overheard. Her name’s Celeste. I never liked her. She decided to do some research of her own.”
“And...?” Charlie pressured.
“She went into the village. The little brat found every parent that had ever lost a child, and eventually found my... birth parents.” Mae shuddered, as if she couldn’t imagine being related to someone of non-royal blood.
“And now the kingdom is having a conniption?” She finished.
“You bet.” Mae confirmed mournfully. She glanced around the bedroom suspiciously. “Hey, don’t you have a sister or something?”
Thade nodded bitterly. “Yeah. She’d love to talk to you, but she’s in a coma, so maybe next time.”
“Oh. I-I’m sorry.” Mae stared at her feet.
“Don’t apologize.” Thade muttered. “It’s not your fault.”
Though, Charlie thought, you are the reason we were imprisoned, and the reason we had to leave the palace. So it kind of is your fault. She didn’t say that out loud, though.
A loud knock on the door interrupted her spiteful thoughts.
“Charlie, open this door right now or so help me, I will have the stars themselves curse you!” Edea Scott’s voice boomed.
Thade gave her a look that told her she did not want to be cursed by the stars themselves.
Charlie yanked open the rickety wooden door to reveal Edea, standing in the doorway, her face as red as the blood of her enemies.
It just so happened that one of her enemies was sitting on Charlie’s bed.
“I let you into our sacred organisation, offer to clothe and feed you, and you bring a royal into my home?” She seethed.
“For the record, she came here herself.” Charlie muttered defensively.
She sighed. This was going to take a while. “It’s a long story.”
“I have time.”
Charlie gestured for Edea to sit on her rock of a bed, and began to explain everything. Not the parts about being the author of this strange, fictional world, but about Dynasty’s infertility, and her desire for a child. About how they stole a baby girl from a peasant couple and payed them in riches to keep quiet. About how they lied to the entire country for nearly fifteen years.
Edea blinked. “So, I assume the princess’ banquet is cancelled this year.”
Mae shook her head. “They still want to have a party. It just won’t be for me. They’re calling it “An evening for Eadlynne”. Ridiculous.”
The corners of Edea’s mouth twitched, stretching until she was smiling ear to ear. “We can still infiltrate the palace during the party?”
Mae nodded slowly.
“Listen, girl. I hardly know who you are, and I’ve never spoken to you before now. Hell, I’m not even sure if you’re loyal to this cause. But if you would help us overthrow your parents, just for one night, I can promise that you’ll be royalty to us, even if your blood says otherwise.” Edea said excitedly.
The four rebels stood hovering over a map, planning their way into the palace. There were three corridors in that rarely had guards, but on the night of the banquet it was unlikely that any hall would be left unguarded.
In fact, it seemed that the only way in was through the front door, which clearly wasn’t an option.
“Wait...” Charlie protested when this idea was shot down. “What if we went in disguised as guests? We could wear formal outfits, and when the king and queen least suspect it, we strike.”
Charlie hadn’t really come up with this idea on the spot. It was how Thade, Waverly, and Mae snuck into the palace in her original story, though now that Wave was comatose, things were clearly not going to go as planned.
“That’s not a horrible idea.” Edea pondered. “We have a few formal gowns in storage from past missions, and weapons that are easily concealable. All I need to do is assemble a team.”
Charlie frowned. “Why don’t you send us?”
Edea turned somber. “I’m sorry, Charlie, but all three of you went against my orders. You let our enemy into our home base, even if she wasn’t really our enemy. You betrayed the Hyacinths. Who’s to say you won’t do it again?”
She opened her mouth, and closed it again, not unlike a goldfish. How could Edea be doing this? All Charlie wanted was to get out of here, and that would be impossible if someone else went out on the mission.
She snatched up the old map angrily. “Fine. Send someone else. Just know that if you do, you’ll fail miserably. I promise you.”

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