Be careful what you write...
Writer’s Block
A whole new world
She was floating, nothing and everything all at the same time. Charlie’s thoughts were scattered. Then she felt herself falling.
Until she hit the ground. She nearly laughed with relief, until she realized that she was not, in fact, in her bedroom, but in the middle of a field. A very cold field, she might add. She hugged her grey cardigan tighter around her chest, and scanned the horizon for anything new. Charlie spotted a tree, a small, battered looking cottage, and a palace.
And a palace.
It was strange, really. The castle seemed oddly familiar, like she knew it from somewhere. It was made of glittering pearl and obsidian, dark and light, good and evil. She couldn’t put her finger on where she had seen it, though. Maybe in one of those dreadful history classes she was forced to take at school? Charlie began trudging toward the palace, when she heard the unmistakable sound of a horse trotting behind her.
“What’s a lady like you doing out in the cold?” The voice was as smooth as honey, and as sweet as the comb from which it came.
“I’m just making my way to the pala-“ She broke off. The man behind her was familiar as well, but this time she knew exactly where he was from.
“Would you like a ride to the palace? That’s where I am headed as well. My name is-“
“Thade.” She breathed. “A-And if you’re Thade, then I’m in Nitra.”
“You are indeed. Would you like me to give you a ride to the palace?” He asked uncertainly.
He was exactly as she’d pictured him, honey blond hair, eyes so dark that they could be black holes. And Nitra? The same. The darkest parts reflected her sadness and anger, and the lighter parts were the feelings she got when she wrote.
“Right,” Thade interrupted her fantasy, “well, we really should be going. Eadlynne is not a good place to be out at night.”
“Yes, I know. A group of thieves terrorizes this kingdom at night, whoever stays out after dark never returns.” She rambled.
Thade nodded quietly, and helped Charlie onto the horse. She was still in a daze from her arrival in Nitra. Nitra. How was this even possible? She tried to remember exactly what had happened. She had gone back up to her room, and the pages of her notebook had started flipping. Her notebook... Where was it? It certainly wasn’t with her now. And it couldn’t have been in the field, it would have landed near her.
It seemed like hours before they made it to the palace, though Charlie knew it had only been a couple of minutes. As she disembarked the horse, she was in awe at how amazing it was. This place of her own creation, and she was in it.
“So, I never did catch your name.” Thade said, quirking his eyebrow.
“Charlie.” She muttered, still staring at the palace.
Thade smiled. “That’s a strange name.”
“Really? I know at least four people with the same name back home.” She asked, surprised.
“Strange. Which of the nine kingdoms are you from?” He inquired.
“I- uh, Diorra?” She stuttered.
“You don’t seem too sure, Missy.” He laughed, then turned serious. “Just make sure you have your story straight for the royals. They won’t turn the other cheek, like I am, trust me.”
I CREATED you, I know your every move. I can tell when you’re bluffing or lying, and I created the royals, too. Of course I know they won’t be as generous. She wanted to scream. Instead, she nodded and let Thade lead her through the stained glass doors, through an unholy amount of hallways, and into an arena-type room with three thrones in the middle of it.
And unluckily for Charlie, there were people in them.
In the smallest of the three thrones, a girl with mousy brown hair and startlingly blue eyes sat, arms and legs crossed. She already knew who that was; Mae Cunningham, the adopted daughter of the king and queen. Unbeknownst to her, she had been taken in at a young age by the royals, who had been unable to have a child. As she was next in line for the throne, this would later cause a massive royal scandal. That is, if anything played out the way Charlie had planned in her outline.
In the second throne sat a woman with dark brown eyes and pale blonde hair. A strange combination, if Charlie thought so herself. She knew this woman, too. Her name was Dynasty Cunningham, Queen of Eadlynne. She had been deemed infertile at age nineteen, but the king had persisted on marrying her all the same.
Finally, in the largest, grandest throne She had been able to concoct, was a burly looking man with dark red hair, and golden-brown eyes. His presence was intimidating, and though she had created him, Charlie trembled at the sight of King Brutus of Eadlynne.
“Who have you brought us, Thade?” He boomed.
Thade recoiled away from the king. “A girl, wandering in the fields. Charlie of Diorra.”
The king eyed her suspiciously. “Right. Bring her to the servant’s chambers, Thade. We’ll deal with her in the morning. Today’s been tiring, so many executions.”
Charlie stiffened as Thade led her down another hallway, and into a large kitchen. Though it was deserted, a heaping plate of food sat by the oven. Thade strutted over to the platter and snatched up a stray loaf of bread. He tossed over to her, and she caught it out of instinct.
“Have some. It’s the stuff they feed the royals. You won’t have anything like this for a while.” He advised.
Heeding his advice, Charlie bit into the bread. It was delicious, the crust was flaky, and the middle was doughy and melted in her mouth. She didn’t know why she was so surprised, she had written the food to be amazing here.
Thade urged her along, explaining that if the royals found them eating their food they’d be executed. He led her to another room, this one with a small cot in it, and a small plate of stale bread.
“Sleep here. Wave will get you in the morning.” He left with no further explanation.
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