Be careful what you write...
Writer’s Block
A pressing deadline
Waverly continued to age throughout the night, her skin creasing and her bones becoming more and more brittle. Charlie slept fitfully that night, despite the fire to warm her up.
She had kissed him. Thade. It was quite possibly the worst decision of her life. He was going to die, that was for certain, and she didn’t want to be torn apart like she had been with Drisella.
And Wave? What was happening to her was not written into her story. Everything else was, though. That was the part that confused her. How could the story end if she died within a few days? Waverly played a major role in helping the Hyacinths defeat the royals, and if she died, withered from the faerie glade’s curse...well, that would not be good for anyone, fictional or not.
The sun was just beginning to rise, beams of light peeking through the trees.
Thade groaned, and opened his eyes, looking at Charlie, then bracing himself for a furtive look at his younger sister. She wouldn’t be younger than her for long, that was for sure.
“When is that damned rebel going to show up?” He asked angrily, looking at Charlie for an answer she clearly could not give him.
“I don’t know. Soon.” She supplied, and the fire dulled from his eyes.
Waverly was beginning to rouse, and Thade cursed again. Hide any reflective surface you have. She isn’t going to like this.”
Charlie nodded, and scrambled to hide the small mirror that Waverly had packed in her apron, slipping it into her pocket. Waverly rubbed her eyes, and eyed her wrinkled hands warily.
“It’s bad, isn’t it?” She asked hoarsly.
Thade shook his head urgently, stroking his sister’s graying hair. “No, no. You just look a little more... mature”
She stiffled a laugh. “Mature, me? Thade, I wandered into a forest looking for food, and I found a cursed glade. And you know what I did? I ate from the bushes there. I’m anything but mature.”
Lound, bulky footsteps echoed from behind them, and a gruff voice answered. “The little lady’s right. That was hella stupid of her.”
Charlie whipped around, only to find herself face-to-face with a man sporting a rather large moustache. “A-Are you with the Hyacinths?” She asked, already knowing the answer.
The man took a step back, and nodded. “Yep. The name’s Aren. You kids see this?” He pointed at a large blue feather embroidered on his shirt. “This is our symbol. Anyone who sports it, you can trust. No one else.”
Thade nodded apprehensively, and crossed his arms. “Right. But how do we know we can trust you?”
Aren wiggled his moustache, and responded simply, “You don’t. But If you decide not to come with me, I can guarantee you that that sister of yours won’t last the week.”
Charlie glanced at Thade, shooting him a He’s right, you know. kind of look.
“Fine. Just help her.” He huffed.
Aren let out a high-pitched whistle, signaling some large animal. After a moment of skeptical waiting, a horse trotted into their makeshift camp.
Waverly eyed the animal nervously. “Is it tame?”
Aren gave the golden-coated horse a pat. “Goldenflower’s about as tame as a watchdog.”
Waverly climbed the horse gingerly, and Thade and Charlie followed. Once the three fugitives had embarked safely on the horse, Aren took the reins, and led Goldflower while he walked.
Charlie’s mind wandered back to Mae, and the fact that she was probably hunting them at this very moment. That didn’t worry her very much, though. The sooner she found them, the sooner she could help them overthrow the royals that had called themselves her parents. Although, if anything happened to Mae that put her life in danger, it would be virtually impossible to overthrow the royals.
Goldenflower whinnied, signaling their arrival, and Charlie was awstruck by the rebel’s base. It was crawling with people of all ages, training, growing food, healing the wounded. Each one sported the Hyacinth’s signature blue feather. Thade stared at the base, as if he could never have imagined how big the desire to overthrow the royals truly was.
“Welcome,” Aren announced, “to the Hyacinth’s home base.”
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