Be careful what you write...
Writer’s Block
An interesting tour
The people of the rebel base looked undisturbed by the sudden appearance of a groundskeeper and two palace maids. Well, one palace maid, and an author. After staring at them for a moment, the rebels returned to their daily business, training and whatnot.
Charlie looked inquisitively at Aren, who was twirling the end of his moustache. “Why are they so... passive?”
“We get newbies all the time. You two’ll be announced at dinner,” He pointed at Charlie and Thade, “While you’re ridden of that god-forsaken curse.”
Waverly blushed. Aren turned to the crowd of Hyacinths, and yelled out to no-one in particular, “Healer for a faerie glade curse!”
Nearly immediately, a flustered looking young man scrambled out of the crowd, and grabbed Wave by the arm. “This one, right?
Aren nodded and waved him off. Thade opened his mouth to protest, but he wasn’t stupid. This was the quickest way to heal his sister.
The large man rubbed his hands together. “I’ll be showin’ you two around, I guess.”
Charlie grinned. The Hyacinth base was amazing, exactly how she’d pictured it while writing her outline. The main building was made of a mix of bricks and logs, as if the builders had changed materials halfway through construction, and the small sleeping cabins around it were made of birch wood and stone beams. The greenhouses that were scattered around the base were made of the clearest glass she had ever seen, showcasing a variety of plants and succulents.
“That’s where we grow the healing plants.” Aren informed her, seeing her excitement.
Thade frowned. He began to change the subject. “So... you know Pam?
“Yep. Me and her go way back. we grew up together.” Aren answered gruffly.
That seemed to be a good enough answer for Thade, because he was silent from the rest of the tour. Charlie didn’t exactly listen. She already knew all about this place. She just nodded her head and smiled, uttering a few impressed murmurs here and there.
When the tour finished, Charlie and Thade found themselves in the main building, surrounded by rebels. They were all crowded around a table that smelled- oddly -of too much perfume. Charlie elbowed her way through the ring of rebels, only to find the center of attention to be a heavily tattooed woman. She was examining her freshly manicured nails, seemingly unaware of the crowd surrounding her. Charlie knew exactly who this was; Edea Scott. Leader and co-founder of the Hyacinths.
“Aren, dear. I see that you’ve brought me some newcomers.” She drawled sweetly.
Aren smoothed out his shirt. “Er, yes. This is, uh-“
“Charlie Montgomery.” Charlie offered.
“And Thade Renolds.” Thade added, slightly miffed that Aren didn’t even ask for his name.
Edea smiled sagely. “I’m Edea, leader of the Hyacinths. I see that you’ve both worked at the palace.”
“Not anymore. This one,” He pointed at Charlie, “got us fired.”
Charlie frowned. “That’s not true.” She pointed out. “I never really worked there.”
The tattooed woman smiled even wider, and sat up straight. “Interesting. Well, we’re planning to raid the castle next week. I assume that you can and will help?”
Thade looked taken aback. “I-I... that’s a little soon.”
Edea rolled her eyes. “We can’t wait any longer, silly. You know what next week is?”
Thade knit his eyebrows together, then shook his head. “What?”
Charlie’s eyes widened. Why had she written him to be so unbelievably daft? “Mae’s birthday. There’ll be celebrations for the entire week!”
“Right!” Edea snapped her fingers. “And I need to assemble a team. After all, we can’t just have the entire rebellion storming into the palace, can we?”
Is that why you have the entirety of the Hyacinths crowded around you?” Aren cut in. “You’re pickin’ the team?”
“I was.” She conceded. “Not anymore. There are some new factors to take into consideration. Now scatter, all of you.” Edea waved them off.
The crowd thinned, reluctantly, until Edea was the only person left in the hall. As Charlie pushed her way through the immense double doors, she heard Edea humming a strange tune. It was oddly similar to a song Dri had taught her, and she felt a pang of sadness before she left the building.
Thade, Charlie, and Aren stood around the makeshift bed that Waverly rested on, unconscious. Her hair had begun to regain it’s natural colour, fading from grey into her usual white-blonde locks. She seemed stronger, in a way. Less unstable and frail. Thade rested his hand on her wrist, checking for a pulse, Charlie assumed. When he seemed satisfied, he looked accusingly at the young healer who stood across from them.
“When will she wake up?” He asked sharply.
The healer rubbed his neck nervously. “Three days, at best.”
“And at worst?”
“Never.” The healer murmured.
Thade’s eyes burned. “I thought you said she was getting better?”
“I did. But faerie curses can take a toll, even after they’re gone. It looks fine, but I want you to be prepared.” He replied calmly.
“Listen here, healer-“ Thade began.
“I have a name, you know.” He interrupted. “Tem. Tem Islen.”
“Fine, Tem. If my sister doesn’t wake up, you will be the one who hears about it until the end of time.” Thade spat.
Tem nodded, muttering something about ungrateful patients, and left the three to watch Waverly. While Thade sat with his sister, Charlie’s mind wandered back to Mae. Suddenly, her stomach flipped.
“T-Thade?” She stuttered.
“What’s tomorrow?” Charlie asked.
“The third full moon of the year. Why?” He responded shortly.
“Nothing. We’re going to have an interesting visitor tomorrow.”
And it was true. If her story decided to play out as she had planned it to, Mae Cunningham would be paying a visit to the rebels of Eadlynne.
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