Be careful what you write...
Writer’s Block
A royal intruder
The Hyacinth base was really quite nice. The beds were comfy, and they supplied them with nice clothing to sleep in. The rebels offered to change Charlie’s maid garb for some new clothing, but she refused and only asked for it to be washed. The only thing she disliked about the place was the boredom. The rebels were so dense in numbers that there were rarely any jobs for them to do. As a result, Charlie spent the next morning eating and waiting.
The food was okay, but very bland. The Hyacinths seemed to eat the same thing for every meal. Each plate consisted of a strange fish that was very rubbery and hard to chew, and a deconstructed salad, which was really just a large, strangely tasting leaf and a tomato. No wonder most of the rebels chose to be spies in the palace; The food there was so much better! Her mouth watered at the memory of the delicious loaf of bread that Thade had stolen for her.
Charlie became very distracted at the thought of him. Thade, the boy she had kissed. One of her darkest secrets was that she had never kissed anyone before him, though she didn’t know why it mattered so much. All Charlie knew was that her classmates would burst into raucous laughter if they found out the only boy she had ever kissed was of her own creation. And as if that wasn’t enough, a creation that was bound to die one way or another. Not even her notebook could help her escape them, even though writing about Nitra usually did the trick.
Her notebook. Charlie’s stomach flipped as she remembered she still couldn’t find it. Her most prized possession, the last thing Drisella had ever given her, gone. Lost in a meadow in the midst of a fictional world. What an ordeal Charlie had worked herself into, stuck in a fantasy world on the brink of war, in love with a fictional boy destined to die. Goodness, she could be the main character of her own story if this wasn’t all really happening.
Heavy footsteps announced the arrival of someone she was dreading to speak to. “Good morning.” Thade muttered, plopping down with a plate of fish and salad.
“Mhmm.” Charlie responded unintelligibly.
“What are you doing?” Thade persisted, still trying to create a conversation.
“Waiting.” She replied simply, examining her horridly chipped nails.
Thade frowned. “For what?”
“For who.” She corrected.
He rolled his eyes, and began devouring his fish. Charlie sat with him patiently, trying to figure out how to tell him that his enemy would arrive at the rebel base that very day. It seemed impossible. After all, she couldn’t just pop up with the news that Hey! Mae Cunningham, your sworn enemy is going to show up today and possibly rat out our location to the Royals!
No, that would not go over well. Not at all.
Besides, if she told him, it might ruin the entire plotline of her story. In her original outline, he hadn’t been tipped off, and everything had been fine. Then again, in her original outline, Waverly wasn’t comatose, and she wasn’t stuck in a fictional realm, so even in she didn’t tell him, something could always get screwed up. Besides, what did she have to lose? It wasn’t life she had a life outside of Nitra. Her mother hated her, her classmates didn’t know she existed, and her sister was dead.
“Are you going to tell me or what?” Thade interrupted.
“Erm, I have some n-news.” Charlie began.
“Well, spit it out.” He said excitedly.
“Mae is going to pay us a visit today.”
Thade paled. “What? When?”
“Right about-“
She was interrupted by the screeching of the chapel-like doors leading into the halls. A small veiled figure crept into the room, empty but for the two newest addition to the Hyacinths. The figure tiptoed to a table, not noticing Charlie and Thade, and plopped down. It began to shudder, as if it was sobbing. It was, Charlie realized darkly, crying as if someone had died. To her great surprise, the figure reached back and removed it’s brightly coloured veil, only to reveal the tearstained face of Mae Cunningham of Eadlynne.
Thade gasped and rose to his feet, ready to fight.
“-now.” Charlie finished grimly.
He began to charge forward, looking much more vicious than he really was. Charlie grabbed his arm to stop him. “Wait. We don’t know if she’s here to destroy us or not.”
Thade growled in protest, but relaxed. Charlie walked over to the girl clamly and sat down, despite her terrified face.
“You were right.” Mae muttered tearily. “It’s too recessive.”
Charlie smiled sadly. “How did you find us?”
Mae snorted slightly. “Y-you think I didn’t know that the people aren’t happy with how we rule? It wasn’t that hard. I just had to ask around the village.”
“Well...” Charlie began slowly, testing the girl’s willingness, “will you join us? The rebels?”
“For now, sure. My “parents” lied to the country for years, lied to me for years. The real question is, will you join me?”
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