Its really called : reaching for the stars
Writers club audition
I flew high until I reached the moon. My pajamas blew crazily as I flew faster to the moon and it was amazing as it had always been. I touched the moon with my bare feet. The moon was so soft, I loved to visit it so much. This time was different, I didn’t just visit the moon, I reached for the stars. The stars were multi colored shining though the clouds above. I took my lagger, which use to catch stars ahead of me. I took my lagger out and pointed to the stars, I pulled my bucket under my lagger and in an instant after I pressed a button, stars came falling out of the sky. I stopped suddenly. I took the lager down and put the bucket aside. I found the Golden lucky star. This star was meant for people around the world to see at night and day. I took my lagger and pressed another button and the goldon star was on the tip of my lagger. I lowered down and the star was under the moon where a person would look in the sky. Then I coveredmy bucket with a sealable lid. Then I took my lagger into my hands. With the lagger and the bucket in my hands I fell. I was falling down the earth, I was falling to the floor. I slowered down and touched the wet floor with my bare feet. I looked up at the sky looking under the moon, I saw the golden star. Now was the time I thought. I reached out of my bucket and threw the stars everywhere. When the bucket was empty I took it inside my house. Iset my bucket and lagger under my bed, then I fell asleep. As if I was flying I really wasn’t and the stars burst into a glow as I was asleep, the glow was powerful but it stopped. When it stopped it meant only one thing. Good luck to the places full of stars.
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