Don’t let anyone tell you other wise
You are perfect
I believe in you
You run home to throw your bag on your bed,
All the things that they call you running around in your head,
Falling on the floor the place where you’re usually led,
Sometimes thinking that you’d be better off dead.
I know that I don’t know you,
Nor do you know me,
But I think you’re truly wonderful,
Don’t believe me just wait and see.
If they called you a freak,
They called me that too,
But what you must understand,
Is that it really isn’t true.
Whether they said you were skinny,
Or they said that you were fat,
I know how much it hurts,
I hope you know that.
No matter what you did,
If you’re sorry we’ll forgive and forget,
You should know that you are super,
Even if we haven’t met.
So don’t smile because you have to,
Smile because you can,
Don’t let them just boss you around,
Just stick it to the man.
Because you’re beautiful,
You’re perfect,
I promise it gets better,
After all we’ve all been rejects.
I really do have faith in you,
The pain will finally stop to hurt,
You’re like a shining star to us,
That’s how much you’re worth.
You will be safe here,
You will be fine,
You will always be loved,
For the rest of time.
So come on and hope,
Where’s that lovely smile been,
Because you’re perfect to me,
Don’t ever let your light dim.
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