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Lilly’s POV:
I was sitting on my bed. Drawing a picture of my pet kitten, dough-ball. I heard a ping on my laptop. I switched it on and saw that I had one new email. It was from Fraz. My best friend from primary school. He had moved to a differen city so we don’t talk much. I wish we did though. I miss him alot. I miss his funny hair. And his really bad jokes. His smile. His everything. But we are now 14. And I bet he has all the girls. I smiled and sighed. Then I logged myself in...
crazyfrazy: Hey.
lilpop: Hey.
crazyfrazy: How’s things?
lilpop: Hmm... There’re okay I guess. You??
crazyfrazy: Yeah. Same.
crazyfrazy: You doing anything tonight?
lilpop: No, not really. What about you??
crazyfrazy: Yeah, I’m just hanging with friends.
lilpop: Fraz?
crazyfrazy: Yeah??
lilpop: Do you miss when we were younger? You know when it was just you an me??
crazyfrazy: Hmm... Kinda.
lilpop: Made any good friends yet?
crazyfrazy: Kinda. There’s a couple of guys that are cool. You?
lilpop: No. Everyone is annoying.
crazyfrazy: Don’t worry Lil. There not as annoying as I used to be!
lilpop: I guess
crazyfrazy: You okay?
lilpop: No not really
crazyfrazy: What’s up?
lilpop: Oh it’s nothing really...
crazyfrazy: You sure?
lilpop: Yeah. It’s whatever
crazyfrazy: If your sure. Got a boyfriend yet??
lilpop: No! Of course not! No one likes me like that!
crazyfrazy: You sure?
lilpop: Perfectly! Who would!?
crazyfrazy: Well I know someone...
lilpop: WHO!!! Tell me!!!
crazyfrazy: Can’t sorry. He’s too shy...*lilpop*: Anyone I know well?
crazyfrazy: Yeah farely well
lilpop: Hmm k...
crazyfrazy: Well anyway, I gotta go. See ya!
lilpop: Yeah. See ya!!
crazyfrazy went offline
I sighed. Someone likes me? Someone I know farely well? Who could be that mad?
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