Bring your dreams to life.
Your dreams are my reality.
Hey There
Hello there my name is Chole Dreambig, yes I have a weird name but who gives my story is about dreams so I guess it just fits...
I live with my Foster Parents, Lola and Josh Higgleton (What an unfortunate last name!!!) and my Foster Sister Rose. Rose is amazing while my foster parents are just another chapter in the book. Rose loves everything about fashion so I’m almost always donated clothes. That don’t even fit me because I’m a size 6 and she is a size like two or something crazy like that...
I am seventeen and have a boyfriend that is to die for he’s so damn cute and P.s He’s mine don’t even think about it.
I attend FAHS in Feilding with my bestie, (whose in all my classes) Nicole Waylanda she is about two months older than me so that sucks so she’s eighteen and I will soon be eighteen so goodbye High School. And hello Collage...
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